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Month June 2015

Episode 28: Bouncing Back and Babies

Greg Update Fails: Missed 2 days of writing 500 words Lost one of my first customers Results: MME Revenue: Current MRR Rate is $3371 2 customers gone (one from before just going into july is when it’s going to hit… Continue Reading →

Episode 27: A Sneak Peek Into Our Sales Process

The key to building a scalable business is creating processes and procedures that will allow your business to grow without additional direct involvement from you the business owner. In this episode we both dig into the tools we’re using to… Continue Reading →

Episode 26: Exploring Partnerships After a Good Week

Greg’s Update Fails: Update the website to better include service offerings Results: One-Time: $1950 + MRR: $4,508 ($700 MRR being added in a couple weeks) 3 calls: 2 discovery 2 capabilities Pending Calls: 2 Capabilities calls 2 Discovery Calls 1… Continue Reading →

Episode 25: Business within a Business or Keep Them Separate?

If you’ve got the time and the talent, running multiple businesses can be a smart decision – but it also makes things complicated. How do you go about it successfully? Do you create multiple divisions within one business, or do… Continue Reading →

Episode 24: Small Daily Steps to Growth

Greg’s Update Fails: Announce Mobile Marketing Engine Insiders (happening today in some way) Sent a hint email last week. Survey my list Results: MRR = $4,429 + $1,200 one-time Lost one client (sort of) 1 Presentation/Proposal Gained a new one… Continue Reading →

Episode 23: Investing in Yourself to Grow

Today we’re talking about one of our favorite topics: How to invest in yourself to continually grow. This encompasses both personal and professional development. Let’s break this down to a few categories.  Links to all of the resources mentioned are… Continue Reading →

Episode 22: Gaining Clarity

Greg Update MRR: $4,429 Fails: Didn’t finish the client launch I was trying to finish waiting on client stuff Outline the guides didn’t even have time to do that. Results: Finished ICP training Talk about this experience Dinner and TopGolf… Continue Reading →

Episode 21: Cold Calling and Follow Up

Today we welcome Greg Gibas to the show.  Greg is the founder of Office Goblins and WarmBusinessLeads.com.  Office Goblins is a virtual staffing company Greg founded in 2010 and focuses on Virtual Assistant services, email marketing, and outsourced cold calling… Continue Reading →

Episode 20: Next Level Planning and Maximizing Your Input

Greg’s Update Fails: FAILED  – Get two of the campaigns from sixth division setup 60%  there —-Sequence for consult to close 20% there —-Sequence for the 1 on 1 service delivery which is the playbook FAILED – email my list… Continue Reading →

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