Greg’s Update


  • Announce Mobile Marketing Engine Insiders (happening today in some way)
    • Sent a hint email last week.
  • Survey my list


  • MRR = $4,429 + $1,200 one-time
  • Lost one client (sort of)
  • 1 Presentation/Proposal
    • Gained a new one ($1200 one time and MRR $500 which will hit next time)
  • Passed the IS exam
    • 93% on multiple choice
    • 98% on scenarios
  • Setup and launched campaigns in Outreach which generated
    • Had 5 discovery calls (1 later today)
  • 1 In person meeting with client & prospect
  • Setup the fulfillment campaigns of both Build & Launch and Concierge packages in IS
  • Discovery call today for IS work with influential entrepreneur


  • 3 (potentially 4) Discovery call scheduled for next week
  • 1 Presentation Proposal next week
  • Call with existing client next week
    • Discuss value add services and get feedback
  • Kickoff email series to promote Insiders & Potentially MMBA Membership
  • Update the website to better include service offerings
  • 500 words a day challenge accepted

Biggest Takeaway:

  1. Do more outbound/prospecting: I have blocks throughout the day where I do some prospecting. I’d rather do a little bit a day and have that add up
  2. I need a PM of some sort
    1. sorting out job role details and the time I actually need them for
      1. Local vs virtual vs Filipino

Justin’s Update


  • We had some hiccups this past week with the podcast recording/scheduling so we apologize for that. We should have things under control going forward.
  • Just had 5 sales calls – new this was going to be light this week.
  • Didn’t get started on the new LeadFuze website – such a monster task and I really need to devote time to “get into the zone” with this first.


  • 15.2k MRR – a couple of our older clients upgraded when we gave them a special bonus. Kind of an interesting story that happened last night though as Mike Campion, the host of The Freaking Genius podcast
  • Started writing 500 words per day – doing it with Michael and it’s going well. My routine of Five Minute Journal first thing and last thing is working out well. I always put the journal on top of my phone at night when I’m done writing in it that way I have to grab it to get to my phone. I used to always check my phone first thing. Then when I finish writing in it in the morning, I put it on my pillow case.
  • Launched ListBuilder – little issue with the responsiveness so I have a support ticket into kickoff labs for this.
  • Started trickling out some outbound efforts. It led to two booked appointment next week, so might turn that up a notch next week.
  • Start work on the new LeadFuze website. I have picked out a website theme as well as a separate blog theme that I really like (similar to Medium) and so we’re going to try and merge those two together to make a pretty killer looking site. This doesn’t need to be done until our tool launches in July, but I want to get a head start on it so I’m not trying to rush things at the end.
  • Working with 3 different developers right now. One is working on our backend system and making some pretty cool improvements there. Another is working on ListBuilder, and I have another developer working on taking another tool which I’ll get more into next month after ListBuilder launches. It’s a little bigger of a project.
  • Interestingly, I have a call lined up next week with someone that has a tool out there similar. I am going to see where he’s at, if he’d be open to selling it. Doubt it will work out in that fashion, but their site hasn’t had a new blog posted in over a year…copyright at the bottom says 2013. So we’ll see where those conversations go.


  • 10 sales calls – We started up a little outbound efforts and we have had a few inbound leads this week so I think I might be close to goal next week.
    • Keep the outbound efforts going. Might turn it up slightly as we’re just sending 30 outbound emails a day as I didn’t want to get buried in sales calls.
  • Keep writing 500 words every day. Going to finish up a couple blogs for the blog since it’s been over a month since I posted there and then going to start working on a lead magnet for the LeadFuze blog. Right now we just have a tips/strategies type newsletter signup. We have been using content upgrades within blog posts which works incredibly well. A content upgrade is a downloadable or added piece of bonus content that goes along with the blog post itself. So if you have a list of top 10 things, you could come up with 5 more that are available as a download. The extra work is worth it as the sign up increase is 300 to 400 percent higher.


  • I believe this is an old Dan Kennedy thing, but try to do something every day that pushes your company forward. Writing 500 words per day again has me in a good flow and with Michael also working on it this will just help LeadFuze push forward with some really good content plans. It could be anything though…reach out to a customer to see if they have a referral, send a thank you note to a long time customer, etc.
  • Break down larger tasks into smaller steps. Instead of just getting new website started…define what that means.

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