Greg Update


  • Missed 2 days of writing 500 words
  • Lost one of my first customers


  • MME Revenue: Current MRR Rate is $3371
    • 2 customers gone (one from before just going into july is when it’s going to hit the booksSome website updates went live
  • Contact forms that link to Infusionsoft sequences
  • Kept pace of prospecting (10/day)
  • 2 launch calls
  • 2 Podcast interviews for MF
  • 500 words every day
  • Missed 2 days
  • Joint webinar with a call tracking company
  • = 80 leads that are now in outreach
  • 1 Partner call
  • retail vertical that I’m interested in personally
  • 1 Presentation proposal
  • Will likely go through I’m thinking
  • Finalized pricing pages but need to make a few more website tweaks before I actually link to it.
  • Started building out our library of SODs/SOPs following Taylor Pearson’s model
  • Coming along really nicely.
  • Prepared 2 podcast episodes
  • 2 blog posts


  • 3 potential partner calls
  • 1 sales call scheduled
  • 2 pending
  • Mobile marketing Insider Group call
  • Setup for Insiders members area
  • Prospecting – try to increase to 20/day
  • Update my outreach campaigns a bit considering some of the new content I have
  • Write 500 words a day
  • I want to outline one of the guides I’m going to create
  • Finish updates to the website
  • Push Pricing page live
  • Continue building out Standard Operating Documents
  • written part being done.

Biggest Takeaway:

  • I’m super grateful for my mastermind partners
  • Stepping away
  • I feel like I’m just on the edge of figuring it out.
  • Bob Parsons quote – “when you’re ready to quit, you’re closer than you think”
  • I’m really in need of help from a project management level just not in the financial position to bring that on in the way that i’d like right now.

Justin Update


  • From a business standpoint, I missed all of my goals due to the birth of my daughter on Wednesday.
    • This means I didn’t write 500 words
    • I didn’t work on new website home page
  • Did lose two customers this past week totalling $1.5k/mo in losses. One was a $1.2k himself and the other a $300/mo. The $1.2k customer is in the process of hiring/training a new sales team. He may come back, but I think that customer is probably going to have the reps work on lead generation themselves. Our upcoming tools might be at play there, but who knows.


  • 19.8k MRR – We were BRIEFLY over the $20k/mo MRR number until the $300/mo customer canceled.
    • Still had a handful of deals from the previous week’s sales calls come through which gave us another solid gain overall from the $18.2k we were at last week.
  • Had 6 sales calls total for the week. A few closed and I think another one or two will close soon also.
  • I have had some comical communication with Sam Ames, the developer whole stole $1.2k from me. I’m getting my money’s worth in some of his email communication. I plan to write a blog post about the experience on I think it will be a good lesson to share while hopefully warning others about him. He said two things that were hilarious:
    • People don’t read blogs anymore
    • Podcasts are so 1990’s
  • I started using to pull in key KPI’s. Plugs into Google Analytics, Stripe, social media, etc. I used Zapier to connect Drip. So I have a spare monitor set up to display this information.
    • I put Michael in charge of analytics and subscriber count. As long as he’s focused on subscriber counts, the analytics will take care of themselves.
  • Overall – the team did a good job keeping things afloat and progressing while I was out.
  • Recorded an episode with Brian Casel of Bootstrapped Web which was cool.
  • I did let go of one of my VA’s and replaced her.
    • She just wasn’t getting things done and I constantly had to be on her about it.


  • I already have 4 sales calls booked for next week with a couple more pending. I am probably going to be close to 10, but I’d really rather not because…
  • I don’t want to work more than 4 hours in any day next week. This is going to be really tough for me. I look forward to our next episode where we discuss home/work balance.
  • Then I want to start these goals from last week:
    • Get the two website themes merged together and start working on actual home page of new site.
    • Try to stand more while working. I have a standing desk and have not been taking advantage of it lately.


  • Sleep when the baby is asleep!

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