Today we’re talking about one of our favorite topics: How to invest in yourself to continually grow. This encompasses both personal and professional development.

Let’s break this down to a few categories.  Links to all of the resources mentioned are found at the bottom of this post.


Just to define it, a mastermind is a group of like minded individuals meeting regularly to share their experiences, challenges, and insights on a particular topic. You can be a part of more than one mastermind, and in that case many people are involved in groups that focus on one particular aspect of their business (i.e. e-commerce, SAAS, Productized Services).


As opposed to a mastermind, a coach is highly focused on one particular aspect of your life or business. Coaches also generally have a lot more accountability built in than a mastermind.

Some of the most successful people we know have coaches for almost every phase of their lives. These uber-achievers are able to extract an enormous amount of knowledge from these specialized coaches.


Mentors come in many forms. Authors, podcasters, and business leaders are all people who can serve as mentors, whether it’s an official capacity or not.


The best value to take away from conferences is the relationships you make in meeting many of the influencers and thought leaders from these spaces. Whether you go as a speaker or attendee it’s important to meet with people directly.


Readers are leaders. This is a big component of The Miracle Morning that Greg has been practicing for a while now. Some of the highlights from our bookshelves are in the Resources list below.


Justin uses a feed aggregator like Feedly to bring most of his favorite blogs to read and saves the best ones for a time when he can read and digest them.


New Media Expo
Social Media Marketing World
Tropical Think Tank
Business of Software

The One Thing – Gary Keller
Essentialism – Greg McKeown
Proactive Selling – Skip Miller
DotCom Secrets – Russell Brunson
Launch – Jeff Walker
The Ultimate Sales Machine – Chet Holmes
Ask – Ryan Levesque
Single Founder Handbook – Mike Taber
Predictable Revenue – Aaron Ross
Seven Day Startup – Dan Norris
Startup CEO – Matt Blumberg
The Founders Dilema – Noah Wasserman

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
Web Agency Podcast
Young Hustlers
Cardone Zone
The Mobile Friendly Podcast (obviously)
Zero to Scale (also obviously)
The Rocketship Podcast
Growth Everywhere
The Model Health Show
Bootstrapped Duel
The Growth Show
Build and Launch
Art of Paid Traffic
The New Rainmaker
The Gently Mad
Online Marketing Made Easy
Bootstrapped Web
Startups For The Rest of Us
The Gary Vee Podcast
The Tim Ferriss Show
Smart Passive Income
The Fizzle Show
Tropical MBA
Entrepreneur on Fire
New Business Podcast
School of Greatness
Hardcore History
Bootstrapped with Kids
Rogue Startups
Coders Startup
Chasing Product
This is Your Life
Product People
Superfast Business
Sales Marketing Profit
Zen Founder
Bowery Capital
Freedom Fastlane
Talking Code
The Startup Chat


The Prophet
Shark Tank

Training and Certifications:
Infusionsoft Training

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