Greg Update

MRR: $4,429


  • Didn’t finish the client launch I was trying to finish
    • waiting on client stuff
  • Outline the guides
    • didn’t even have time to do that.


  • Finished ICP training
    • Talk about this experience
  • Dinner and TopGolf with Sixth Division guys
  • Dinner with Mobit team
  • A listener called me and thanked me for my podcast and wants to start his own mobile marketing business and wanted to see how i can help.
    • this has happened a little bit recently…wondering how that plays into what I’m doing.


  • 1 Demo
  • 1 sales call
  • Retail event up in loveland
    • one client will be there and going to meet with the organizer of the event to try and talk to them at some point throughout the day
  • 2 outbound campaigns with
  • Announce Mobile Marketing Engine Insiders
  • Survey my list
  • Work on my own campaigns (in infusionsoft)

Biggest Takeaway:

  1. Infusionsoft can do a lot more that will help me in my business with Followup, staying in touch, driving referrals, and sales.
  2. I need to promote myself more
    1. coming out of my talk with Mobit.

Justin Update


  • 8 sales calls this past week so missed the weekly number. I mentioned last episode that I wouldn’t get there as we’ve had our outbound efforts turned off for a couple of weeks now.
  • I have had our outbound efforts on pause for more than a couple of months. I am going to start them up today to see how it goes.


  • $14k MRR. Couple new customers, but a couple losses also. Losses were one man shops. Plan is to start focusing on larger companies. Ideally, someone with a sales person at least.
  • Had a few customer development / research conversations for our upcoming tool. One was done in person, another over the phone, a couple more via email.
    • So far it has been a mixed bag as far as how people actually go about getting their leads, which I was kind of surprised. So what this is telling me is we’ll have to do some education on how to find the right target customer and then how our tool helps them accomplish that.
  • So after waiting for over a week for a second Toptal developer to interview, I decided against moving forward with it.
    • They immediately refunded me the $500 deposit and I would use them again, but I want to move forward a little quicker.
    • I decided not to hire the first guy as he couldn’t walk me through how he tested his code and I am always leery of that.
    • I’ve decided to hire someone else I’ve used in the past for other projects. It will just be project based as then I’ll be having him work on our second tool.
  • Big week this week in terms of deciding direction of LeadFuze. Planning to keep our done-for-you solution that we currently have, but making it more of a higher end luxury thing while focusing on tools. We’ll obviously go into more detail on this podcast as things progress on that front.
  • A funny side note – someone copied one of our email sequences and was using it. They ended up cold emailing a friend of a customer who then forwarded it to us.
  • Got the landing page up for our prospecting tool late last night. I want to put some finishing touches on it still, but Kickoff Labs made this really easy.
    • Also really excited about their cool viral thank you page.
    • I plan on talking about our complete launch strategy once we go live and I’ll share results. So stay tuned for that.
  • Got my Five Minute Journal and have been using it every morning first thing. I avoid looking at my phone first until that is done.


  • Goal is 10 sales calls this week. I’ll fall short on this again, as we haven’t been doing any outbound. Probably end up in the 6 to 7 range.
  • A couple of months ago I stopped my 750 words per day streak. Michael, my copywriter, and I decided to do a 500 words per day challenge starting next week. So that should be fun. We are trying to figure out a good way to track our daily streak, see each other’s progress, etc.
    • My plan is to write in the Five Minute Journal and then write 500 words, then I can check my phone and email and what not.
  • I want to try and get a landing page up for the new tool to start collecting some feedback and doing some things to promote it. It was going to be it’s own separate domain and I think the launch landing page will be, but then when it goes live I plan on putting it onto the LeadFuze domain so that it can benefit from our marketing efforts up to this point and it will allow us to need to just focus on one marketing plan versus two.
  • Working on new LeadFuze website


  • Daughter is literally inching closer to being born, so it’s just such an awkward time as an entrepreneur trying to grow a business.

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