Greg’s Update


  • FAILED  – Get two of the campaigns from sixth division setup
    • 60%  there —-Sequence for consult to close
    • 20% there —-Sequence for the 1 on 1 service delivery which is the playbook
  • FAILED – email my list to gauge interest on this virtual membership training offering that would be helpful and scalable.
  • Staying up too late
    • unproductive work
    • mental fogginess


  • MRR: $4,429
  • Client management –
    • Content calendars
    • Message planning using a new tool
    • Transition to new tool for one client which took a bit longer
  • Hit 30 prospects and are currently going into email #3 (infusionsoft)
  • Have another email prospect list queued up for retail with about 50 prospects (I wont start that until wednesday of next week with me being  gone)
  • Completed – Monday
    • Write the emails (i’m thinking a 5-8 series)  4 for Infusionsoft users
  • COMPLETE – Finishing building out two customers campaigns
  • COMPLETE – study more.
  • 2 discovery calls, 4 sales calls
    • Proposals – RV Four Seasons, Credit Union, Baby Store
    • Follow up – 3 or 4 that still haven’t provided feedback.
  • Content Calendar –
    • The next 4 podcasts are planned
    • I’ve identified 2-3 guides I want to create as lead magnets that relevant
  • IS campaigns –
    • Put in some work there, harder than I thought.
  • Wrote a blog post for (that took way longer than I expected)


  • IS training in PHX
  • Finish 1 client launch
  • Outline 1 of the 2 guides I want to write


  • What is the model i’m creating?
    • is it hybrid service/coaching
    • is it better to go more products/Training?

Biggest Takeaway:

  • I need to do a better job of tracking my time / my va’s time
  • Something is broken (it’s me or the process or the model probably a combo of both)
    • Nobody has responded to my outbound efforts in the last 50 or so contacts
    • People that are interested are taking forever to review proposals
  • Become even more strict with my schedule
    • Saying no to more things like podcast interviews (at least 3-4 a week)
      • Has been a way of pay it forward for all the people that have said yes to me but it’s breaking up my day in an unproductive way.

Justin Update


  • 6 sales calls this past week. I mentioned in the last episode I felt this would be around the number as we have turned off our own outbound efforts for right now. We had an onslaught of new customers that we needed to get caught up on and with me planning out our new tool I wanted to focus energy there.
  • That said I did not get the landing page up just yet so that’s also a fail since I was hoping to have this.
  • I also did not get the prospect automations in place yet in ActiveCampaign. I have this already set up in Drip and so I’ve wavered if I really want to get it into ActiveCampaign or just keep things in ActiveCampaign more for sales prospects and use the automations I already have in place for sales stages while keeping the list building automations in place in Drip. I’m leaning towards the ladder which means I won’t need to do anything for this since it’s already all set up.


  • $13.5k MRR
  • Nathan Barry, who I mentioned in episode 1 as being an inspiration behind getting LeadFuze launched actually signed up this week. So that was a cool way of bringing things full circle.
  • Although I didn’t get the landing page up for our new tool, I did start having more discussions with people about it. I posted some questions in several different communities to try and get some insights into how people are doing their prospecting currently. Still very early in this research.
  • Michael came over to my house on Wednesday and we just powered through a 12 hour day with massive session on our content marketing strategy. I had articles saved in my Feedly and Pocket accounts on content marketing for the last year. Him and I split the articles up and we just read through them to see what we could find that we hadn’t already thought of. We put all of our knowledge and some things we learned through reading through about 70 articles into one monster document. Plan now is to go through those and find out which one’s will make the biggest impact and then start putting standard operating procedures into place for them.
  • We have our new tool that we are thinking will be ready in July and so we are prioritizing content that is related to the tool.
  • The VA’s are really starting to grasp their responsibilities which is making work load on Michael and myself much easier to digest.


  • Goal is 10 sales calls this week. I think I’ll fall a couple short as we still haven’t started the outbound efforts just yet.
  • That said, my goal is to start them back up this week. I have a daughter due June 25th, so things are going to get a little tricky with my schedule around those dates. So I need to think about how to handle that from a sales call standpoint. Probably going to need to go light with our outbound efforts until that happens.
  • I want to try and get a landing page up for the new tool to start collecting some feedback and doing some things to promote it. It was going to be it’s own separate domain and I think the launch landing page will be, but then when it goes live I plan on putting it onto the LeadFuze domain so that it can benefit from our marketing efforts up to this point and it will allow us to need to just focus on one marketing plan versus two.


It is incredible how much can be involved with digital marketing. My agency didn’t go as deep into campaigns as we have planned. I mean you can literally have someone full-time just monitoring social conversations, answering questions, and doing some outreach. You can have someone else full-time managing and planning your content, writing outlines, doing research, etc. It can all feel overwhelming until you just get in and start organizing things. I’m looking forward to finalizing some of these steps which will continue to help us grow.

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