Greg’s Update


  • Update the website to better include service offerings


  • One-Time: $1950 + MRR: $4,508 ($700 MRR being added in a couple weeks)
  • 3 calls:
    • 2 discovery
    • 2 capabilities
  • Pending Calls:
    • 2 Capabilities calls
    • 2 Discovery Calls
  • 1 Presentation Proposal next week
  • Call with existing client next week
    • Got some good feedback on operations
      • I want to do more of this, to keep making the service better.
  • Promoted MME Insiders – got 2 signups so far.
  • 500 words a day challenge accepted
    • crushing this
      • 3 blog posts
      • 1 show notes
      • today i need to write still
    • Call with a company like leadfuze that is able to find my target audience so going to give that a try.
    • Got prospecting in every day
    • I got a demo of Salesloft
    • Updated my calendar on my wall to map out upcoming trips and identify dates for recording and content creation.
    • Sketched out the updates i’m going to be making ot the website
      • Pricing page
      • services pages etc
      • I feel really good about this after a disaster of a mastermind we had on wednesday
  • Plans:
    • Get some of the site updates done
    • prospecting
    • 2 launch calls
    • Webinar
    • 500 words every day
    • 2 Potential partner call

Biggest Takeaway:

  1. Act more think less.
  2. I’m really getting into a groove with the tools i’ve been using for my sales process.

Justin’s Update


  • Missed a day in my 500 words challenge. So did Michael so we’re even there.


  • 18.2k MRR – This was all out of the blue and not expected. I ended up with 8 sales calls on Tuesday and 5 of them closed by Wednesday. Had another deal on Thursday so we added another $3k/mo in MRR.
    • A couple of these came from older inbound leads from months ago.
    • Some from social, one was a blog comment
  • Had 11 sales calls total for the week. Still expect a couple more deals to come through next week, but we’ll see.
  • Got to inbox zero which is always a good feeling. I have been trying to maintain that this week.
  • Started the rebuild of the new LeadFuze website. Going to have a developer work on merging two different templates together also. Didn’t get too far with things as I basically just have one of the themes installed and need to start diving into it. There’s always such a learning curve whenever you start using a new theme.
  • Aside from the new sales, this week was actually super interesting. I found two tools similar to what we are building currently and decided to reach out to both of them to see if we might be able to work something out. I didn’t know yet what that “something” would be, but figured what the hell? My goal was to acquire the code bases and I felt there was a decent shot of getting one of the two. One is being built by a bootstrapper with no obvious marketing background and the other was a tool that hadn’t had a blog published in over a year and had a copyright of 2013 on it.
    • Still lacking a CTO I offered the bootstrapper several different scenarios including one which would include a CTO role. However, he ultimately decided to keep going his own way with what he has.
    • The outdated tool come to find out is making about $7k/mo in MRR (I was hoping it would be less). He has moved on to another project though. That said, this is just nice side income for little to no work so he wasn’t too motivated.
    • So it doesn’t appear that either of these will be moving forward, but that’s ok as it was a backup plan anyway. My two developers are already making progress on our version of these tools, but the thought of launching stable versions out of the gate was appealing.
  • I had a third developer working on adding some new features to our own backend system. We have some new ways to pull in contact data (we’re incorporating this into ListBuilder as well) and so I want to incorporate it into our own backend tool.
    • The developer I used wanted payment upfront for half the project. I agreed to pay him for 20 hours (which was the estimate he gave to make some of the updates).
    • He said it took him awhile to understand the nuances of our project as it’s a rather large codebase, but he showed some minor progress and said he had used up the 20 hours. I wasn’t too happy with where things were, but I could see he made at least some updates and it seemed the project would be completed soon now that he knew what was going on so I paid him remaining balance and he said he needed another 8 hours or so.
    • Long story short, the guy disconnected on Skype and stopped returning my emails. So now that’s all in a dispute with PayPal. His name is Sam Ames if anyone ever comes in contact with him – stay away.
    • So after this I went back to my original CTO and discussed having him do some of these updates. Long story short, we cleared up a lot of misunderstandings and he wanted to come back as CTO. We set proper expectations in terms of time investment, focus, etc. Things should go much smoother this go around.


  • Do NOT want to have 10 sales calls next week. I’m good with just a few as I have Monday blocked off as my get things done day. Then I have Wed-Fri completely blocked off in case the baby comes. I’ll be good with 2 or 3 calls.
  • Write 500 words EVERY day.
  • Get the two website themes merged together and start working on actual home page of new site.
  • Try to stand more while working. I have a standing desk and have not been taking advantage of it lately.


  • Momentum is real. It’s amazing how things start falling in place the more and more you start picking up stream. Seems like every day it was something new and exciting and I made sure to document that in the Five Minute Journal as well to not lose sight of it. Probably going to be a week I look back pretty fondly on for quite awhile.
  • Lots of new Facebook group members this week. We are now over 800 so thanks to everyone who is helping spread the word.

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