Today we welcome Greg Gibas to the show.  Greg is the founder of Office Goblins and  Office Goblins is a virtual staffing company Greg founded in 2010 and focuses on Virtual Assistant services, email marketing, and outsourced cold calling services.

Out of a large demand for cold calling services specifically, Greg started Warm Business Leads.  This is a dedicated service for B2B cold calling designed for small to medium sized businesses.  Out of focusing specifically on optimizing the cold calling process through the past few years Greg has developed some best practices.

  • The curse of knowledge applies to call scripts – business owners usually don’t have the ideal call script because they are too embedded in their businesses.
  • Use a script template, not a fully written out script.  This eliminates the monotone aspect of conversation read directly from a script sheet.
  • Warm leads are potential customers who are interested in learning more about the product or service, not those ready to be converted and sold.  Warm leads need to be followed up with directly with a call, not just an email.
  • When a lead has gone cold, keep calling until you get some sort of response.  Don’t leave a voice mail initially, but call at a different time every day until you get a response.
  • Following up in between calls with decision makers is a good way to confirm the next call as well as providing additional information regarding your product.
  • To be more time efficient with initial calls ask the qualifying questions first.  If a prospect doesn’t match your ideal customer profile then you’re free to move on quickly.

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Greg will be hanging out in the Facebook group to answer any of your questions about cold calling.  You can reach out to him via email at, fill out the contact form on, and you can also reach out to Greg directly on LinkedIn.

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