The key to building a scalable business is creating processes and procedures that will allow your business to grow without additional direct involvement from you the business owner. In this episode we both dig into the tools we’re using to create and execute these processes.


After a few false starts I have settled on Active Campaign for my CRM. There are several steps that customers proceed through from cold leads, to warm leads, to call scheduled, to either committed or not a viable potential customer.

Aside from a predictable and scalable sales process, the next most important thing is a well scripted sales dialogue.  This includes one that has probing, open ended questions, and properly qualifies the customer and validates the buying process.


I have settled on using Hubspot CRM to manage leads, and have several tags and categories to place potential customers in based on the actions they’ve taken along the way in the email sequence.  The model for this style of sales automation comes from Proactive Selling, which is a great book about how to systematize a sales process.

In this process there is a key concept called Summarize-Bridge-Pull that wraps up initial sales conversations concisely and draws out the most appropriate next steps in the sales process.  Uncovering potential objections, learning more about the sales process in their organization, and finding the best next steps is essential in moving a sale along.

To wrap things up Justin and Greg talk about the ideal customers for each of their businesses.  For Greg it is a company with a large average order value and who is already doing mobile marketing, so they understand it’s value to their marketing efforts.  For Justin it is a large, six-figure plus B2B business where the CEO is removed from the daily sales efforts and has an established team/process in place to handle these new leads.

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