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Month April 2015

Episode 11: Partners and First Hires

Greg’s Update I have been debating who to hire first. Project/account manager or sales? If sales, plan is to do commission only to start Justin counters that this is not a good route based on his experience If account manager,… Continue Reading →

Episode 10: New Customers, Nurturing The Pipeline and The NFL Draft

Greg Update Fails: I didn’t really get much prospecting done and I need to figure this out. I was having a few conversations with other business owners and I’m finding that a lot of people hired PM’s before Sales people…. Continue Reading →

Episode 9: Preparing a Scalable Sales System

Episode Overview: In this episode Greg and I dive into sales processes. I am currently in the process of trying to make our sales system repeatable so that I can plug other people into it as we grow. This episode… Continue Reading →

Episode 8: MicroConf Recap, Knowing Who Isn’t Your Customer, and Getting Into Sales Mode

Episode Overview: Greg Update Fails: Outlining my ideal sales funnel – didn’t really get to this although setup one campaign that is a part of this. Not doing much prospecting Results Revenue at $4,146 Outline/create slides for presentation = Done,… Continue Reading →

Episode 7: The Day to Day Routines

Episode Overview: This episode was largely inspired by the following comment in our Facebook Group: Greg’s Day to Day: Miracle Morning and using the S.A.V.E.R.S. approach Days change as I try to bucket days based on highest priorities There is… Continue Reading →

Episode 6: Dealing with a Downturn in Revenue

Episode Overview: Greg’s Update Fails: Only rough ideas on presentation I’ve listed out a few ideas for my lead magnet but held off as I’ve been updating my product offering a bit which I think is going to change my… Continue Reading →

Episode 5: Finding Customers

Episode Overview: In this episode we go into some detail on how we got our first customers and what we’re doing now to get customers. Getting Our First Customers: Sharing the concept of the business inside different groups in Facebook… Continue Reading →

Episode 4: Conferences, Competition, and the Reality of Being Transparent

Episode Overview: Greg and I meet in person for the first time. LeadFuze has been at a standstill between me being out of town and my developer having a wrist injury. Been preparing for my two new hires. One lost… Continue Reading →

Episode 3: Doing the Work

Episode Overview: I explain how I actually came up with LeadFuze and got it launched and how I got our first few customers. Greg shares how he got Mobile Marketing Engine launched and how he got his website up. We… Continue Reading →

Episode 2: New Customers, Churn, and 6 Figure Run Rate

Episode Overview: Neither of us have yet to identify our ideal customer profile. LeadFuze hit the 90 day mark and eclipsed a six figure run rate with $8,404/mo in revenue despite turning away 75% of leads that come in. Greg brought… Continue Reading →

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