Episode Overview:

Greg’s Update


  • Only rough ideas on presentation
  • I’ve listed out a few ideas for my lead magnet but held off as I’ve been updating my product offering a bit which I think is going to change my lead magnet. I wanted that first.


  1. Recovering from the travel (always slower to get back going)
  2. Zero to Scale show
  3. Call with Productized master gideon shalwick (splasheo and vee roll)
  4. Results from Sales Coach
    1. Offer Discovery package
    2. Name products better (or at all)
    3. Updated website (some of which is live, some of which is not)
  5. Prospecting: not much but following up with a few people from being gone
  6. Preparing for presentation in Vegas
    1. Reviewing survey of attendees
    2. Talked with one attendee/member and got their feedback on what would “work”  best for that group
  7. Landed a new customer at our new pricing (another proposal sent, which I won’t really be doing anymore)
    1. Playbook
    2. Monthly services for 3 months ($4,146) plus setup fee
  8. Potentially going to lose a customer… the feeling of right after I got the win to waking up to the loss.


  • Outline/create slides for presentation
  • Go through a training program/certification for a new tool I’m going to be using
  • Naming products
  • Outlining my ideal sales funnel
  • Lead magnet if I can get to it.

Biggest takeaway – the combo of discovery process  (as well as naming that process). It’s sort of the benefit of productizing something right? It makes it easier to go through each day.

Justin’s Update

  • Revenue down nearly $1k since where it was a few weeks ago to $7,452.
  • Two major reasons for this
    • This was launched in 24 hours with no testing and no validation. This means we are literally still testing which types of customers this works best with. Initially, we took on all comers because we wanted to test things. Some are working great, some aren’t…and so we are losing those that weren’t working out. In the last couple of weeks we have lost five customers.
    • The other major reason is I have not been able to focus on sales…at all. Despite this, we have landed a few new customers on the smaller package to offset some of the losses. I have been doing training and took two vacations before that. I’m knee deep in training and then next week is MicroConf. In fact, when this airs I’ll actually be in Vegas for MicroConf. I am still expecting a couple more losses, but starting the 20th of April it will be balls to the wall sales. At the end of the day, even though revenue was higher last month, I feel 100% better about the direction now as we are narrowing in on our ideal customer profile.
  • Last week my brainstorming with booze session with Michael (my new hire) went well. Turned into more of a discussion about the future, where we’re headed, his role in that, etc. I had hired Michael at my agency previously and this was going to be a lot different so we discussed those things. For one, he’s hire #1 here, not #4 or 5 like he was at my agency. Planning to eventually do an office+remote setup as my belief is a mixed environment is ideal. I also informed him of my plans for a mandatory 3 weeks vacation policy instead of a “whenever you want” policy we used at my agency. This is because no one actually takes any days off when you can have whenever you want off.
  • Had a call with Hiten Shah and we discussed upcoming workshop I’m attending that he’s putting teaching. In addition, he advice for my training with Michael which was to have Michael do the outline of our content strategy and put everything together. Came at a perfect time 45 min before my scheduled call with Michael.
  • VA training – she checks in at 3pm my time. I have pretty large tasks assigned to her right now for lead gathering. I have her send me a daily recap at the end of her shift with everything she worked on and any questions or issues that came up. Also meant I was spending a lot of time adding things to our knowledge base. I am actually just going to have her transcribe the videos I captured to kind of follow the idea Hiten Shah gave me about Michael creating the content outline.
  • Lots of podcast related marketing this week. I hit up a lot of friends and contacts individually asking for reviews. That started a lot of conversations. I wanted to do it one by one though for a better impact. So far reviews are looking good. If you haven’t given us a 5 star review yet, please do so here!


  • Attend MicroConf and connect with some amazing people. Even have a customer who will be there so that should be fun.
  • Come back and get caught up!
  • Start working on some case studies that I can put together and start using in our sales and marketing efforts.
  • Start reaching out to prospects and start the sales engines!


  • Having new hires create their own documentation was a big help. Awesome tip from Hiten Shah on how to do that by having Michael create an outline of our content marketing strategy. I applied that to my VA to have her transcribe the training videos I was doing. This allows your new hires to dive into their roles at a deep level right from the beginning versus me trying to do it all.
  • Defining who your ideal customer is can take some time and a lot of testing.

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