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In this episode Greg and I dive into sales processes. I am currently in the process of trying to make our sales system repeatable so that I can plug other people into it as we grow. This episode goes behind the scenes of how we are handling the sales process currently.

Met with Ruben Gamez from Bidsketch at MicroConf and we spoke quite a bit about post lead generated and how I’m going to need to factor those things in even though it’s outside the scope of our solution currently. He felt this could lead to a churn problem for me if people aren’t closing the leads. That was good feedback to hear. He’s going to record a demo so that I can listen in and provide some feedback. I don’t know what I’m going to end up doing going forward, but he’s agreed to sort of beta the process.

Here is our as-is situation:

  • I am using Pipedrive and I have actionable sales stages setup within that for “Contact Made, Call Pending, Call Scheduled, Nurturing, and Committed” for …exporting from
  • Leads are entered manually and then I am manually exporting those into Drip so that they get sent our email newsletters. There is no other segmentation aside from our email newsletters so that is something we’re working on.
  • We are turning the sales engines back on to get me back in the flow. Simultaneously, we are looking at making our backend client relationships stronger.

Greg and I then discuss charging for an upfront concierge service and the pros and cons of that.

We then discuss upsells and how we can structure that with our existing process.

Greg goes into detail about how he uses Infusionsoft for in-depth automation, but it’s a patchwork CRM. I am looking for less on the automation process and need more of a CRM. This really depends on your business and what works for you.  

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