Episode Overview:

Greg and I meet in person for the first time.

LeadFuze has been at a standstill between me being out of town and my developer having a wrist injury. Been preparing for my two new hires. One lost customer and we are now at $8,004/mo. Still trying to identify ideal customer profile.

I share how to get the most creativity out of brainstorming sessions.

Greg has been away at conferences better part of two weeks now so his revenue is the same as well. He spoke at Social Media Marketing World and generated two quality leads from that. After SMMW, he flew to Phoenix for ICON (Infusionsoft conference).

Greg shares some of his conference networking philosophy.

I close with a story about a shady approach a new competitor took by trying to become friends. The reality of being transparent is you invite competition.

Greg outlines some of his plans for the next week which includes mapping out a potential new service to integrate into Mobile Marketing Engine using Infusionsoft. He also wants to start mapping out a lead magnet to use. Lastly, he’s hoping to finish the slides for an upcoming presentation.

I plan on doing a lot of training this upcoming week and updating our knowledgebase. In addition, I have to define a couple ideal customer profiles.

Resources Mentioned:

PodcastingPress – They handle our post-production editing.

Alcohol Reearch – Brainstorming with booze research

Social Media Marketing World – A conference in San Diego that Greg spoke at

ICON – A conference in Phoenix where Greg and I met for the first time

Infusionsoft – Marketing automation software used by Greg

Noah Kagan – Founder of AppSumo and SumoMe and just overall cool dude

Sixth Division – Infusionsoft consultants who put on the workshop Greg attended before ICON

Jing – Screen recording

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