Episode Overview:

Greg Update


  • Outlining my ideal sales funnel – didn’t really get to this although setup one campaign that is a part of this.
  • Not doing much prospecting


  1. Revenue at $4,146
  2. Outline/create slides for presentation = Done, waiting on one thing to complete it
  3. Complete training program for mobit (certification next week)
  4. Signed up for IS certification in June
  5. Named products (still working on service levels though)
  6. Potentially going to lose a customer… the feeling of right after I got the win to waking up to the loss
  7. Developed and released my Lead magnet (at least a day)
  8. Playbook discovery call and Started Playbook development for new client
  9. Launched the Mobile -Friendly podcast (3 episodes, 1 audio blog, now 2 audio blogs)
    1. Determined format for that (mon – new episode,  wed = blog post, thursday is audio blog)
  10. Had an interesting opportunity presented to me – big retailer through an awesome agency
    1. Lessons, how to determine what’s right and what’s wrong?
    2. Strategic partnerships
  1. Demo of a new tool that I may offer to clients
    1. mobile advertising
  2. Prospect, who is an accountant – out of wheelhouse but with new tool I think I can really help him and want to give it a shot.


  • Sarah is on vacation – so working but in small concentrated efforts of time
  • We get campaigns to select from so I’ll do that and hopefully get them next week to start customizing.
  • Certification for Mobit
  • I have a Demo/Proposal walk through for accountant = setup the demo/proposal
  • I have a demo/proposal walk through for entrepreneur with two different businesses (auto/furniture) = setup demo/proposal
  • Follow up call with a NY based consultant for two clients
  • Outbound efforts
  • Practice presentation
  • Ironing out BDR job role

Biggest takeaway – “What am i building?” Agency or productized service? Does it matter? Laying out my products as named things has really helped me in conversations about what we do and I think an exercise everyone should go through.

Justin’s Update


Didn’t get case studies together. Probably going to work on that this weekend.


  • Revenue at $7,752. Did get a new customer while I was away
  • Ideal customer profile is done!
  • What I learned at MicroConf:
    • Joana Weibe’s presentation was very actionable. One of her big takeaways was not to just change the headline, but to also change the CTA button. Headlines aren’t everything. Another thing was when you change your CTA buttons you want to make sure they don’t insinuate that there’s more work for the user to do. So I have some work to do there.
    • Samuel Huellick of UserOnboard.com talked about starting your design where your users start using. This, along with my workshop with Hiten Shah where we really dove into user stories was pretty helpful. We took post it notes and plotted every single thing we did in the morning before we started working. We laid it out in front of us in a single row. It was pretty interesting how many things you forget or don’t think about and the same thing applies inside your product.
    • Rob’s talk where he discussed some of Drip’s post launch challenges were helpful to hear. He broke things down into three phases which was build, learn, and scale. When Drip launched, revenue dipped for a few months while they learned from their users. I am going through that phase now with LeadFuze as I talked about last week, so it was helpful to see that this is the norm.
  • Came back and got caught up on emails all day Thursday
  • Mapped out ideal customer profile finally that we are going to start targeting SaaS and productized services
  • Training is done and wrapped up


  • Create case study I can use in both marketing and sales
  • Lots of prospecting both using our system as well as manual outreach to some targeted folks
  • Line up sales calls – would like to have 10+ next week


  • Embracing the learning phase and from Greg – really focus on who you want to work with.

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