Episode Overview:

This episode was largely inspired by the following comment in our Facebook Group:

zero to scale facebook group comment

Greg’s Day to Day:

  • Miracle Morning and using the S.A.V.E.R.S. approach
  • Days change as I try to bucket days based on highest priorities
  • There is a part of every day where I’m making sure existing clients are taken care of
  • New customers
    • Onboarding, account setup, playbook development
    • Onboarding calls
  • Copywriting (site updates)
  • Prospecting days
  • Call days
  • Interviews for other people’s shows (about 3-5 per week) I do it to give back

My biggest takeaway is – I need to compartmentalize days a bit better. Meaning X hours a day = prospecting but the rest of the day is dedicated to funnels or team/client calls or copywriting, or blog posts.

Plan = bucketing my days a bit better.

Justin’s Day to Day:

  • My morning schedule I came up with after reading a post from WP curve on how 14 different founders manage their mornings.
  • Content creation
  • Managers vs Makers scheduling
  • I use Calendly for scheduling
  • I have to make sure I block out time to get work done as I’ve had a couple days where I was on calls all day long and I end up getting no actual work done.
  • Email reading and forwarding of HOT leads for LeadFuze customers.
  • Social media scanning / engagement
  • Feedly scanning for which articles I want to “Save for Later”
  • Weekly tasks:
    • Saturday’s I usually go through my “Saved for Later” in Feedly
    • Browse the previous week of tools posted to ProductHunt
    • Payroll
    • One to One’s with Dominic and Michael
  • Misc. tasks:
    • Podcast promotion and sharing
    • Preparing email newsletter for LeadFuze subscribers and also my own blog at JustinMcGill.net
    • Website updates to copy and tweaks
    • Heavy on training currently

Plan = nailing down a consistent morning routing that works for me

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