Greg Update


  • I didn’t really get much prospecting done and I need to figure this out.
  • I was having a few conversations with other business owners and I’m finding that a lot of people hired PM’s before Sales people.
  • FAIL – Outbound efforts
  • FAIL – Ironing out BDR job role


  • Revenue – $4,146
  • WIN – Sarah is on vacation – so working but in small concentrated efforts of time
  • WIN, BUT WAITING We get campaigns to select from so I’ll do that and hopefully get them next week to start customizing.
  • WIN BUT TAKE ASSESSMENT MAY 5 – Certification for Mobit
  • WIN / WENT WELL – I have a Demo/Proposal walk through for accountant = setup the demo/proposal
  • GOT POSTPONED  – I have a demo/proposal walk through for entrepreneur with two different businesses (auto/furniture) = setup demo/proposal
  • WIN / WAITING NEXT STEPS Follow up call with a ny based consultant for two clients
  • WIN – Practice presentation
    • One client had a big campaign this weekend so was helping get those things prepared.
  • RFP – working with partners on that
  • Enjoying as much time as I can with Sarah


  • Follow up on these active conversations
  • Finish the Playbook for latest client
  • Go to vegas for presentation (take me out of most stuff)
  • Get back and implement coaches info
  • Certification / study for IS CP


  • I feel like I’ve been spending time on managing my current clients which I know is important but I’d like to free that up a bit so I can focus more on sales.
  • With the “avatar” not being dialed in 100% I think that’s the role that I plan to bring on first vs going right to sales.
  • But I would like to do a trial with someone on a commission based structure.

Biggest takeaway – I get less effective when I get stressed through things like this RFP and “trying not work”. The time I do get to put in is not as efficient. After this presentation I have some solid time to really get my sales systems in place and dialed in.

  • Campaigns through Sixth Division
  • Feedback from our coach (right after this call)
  • Lead magnets
  • Outbound efforts
    • Sales scripts
    • email scripts etc

Justin Update


  • Not done with case study, but did get started. Got a nice backstory from a customer about why he signed up, what the situation was before that, etc.


  • Last week I mentioned wanting to get 10 sales calls in a week. I had 13 this week. 3 have signed up, I’m expecting several more as well.
  • $8,982 in MRR now. New focus on sales led to 13 calls lined up this week
  • Super excited as we have a cool new lead finding tool nearing beta that will allow us to accept way more leads that come in. Previously I was turning away 3 out of 4. In this case, I will probably only be turning away 1 out of 4.
  • Challenge right now is my developer relies mainly on his consulting for income as we had agreed to put the money back into the business. Challenge is with Michael and I putting in so many hours on the sales and marketing side of things, we are outpacing the software side and so we are kind of being throttled. Not yet sure what we are going to do there yet, but I might end up needing a new CTO / Cofounder.
  • I have a spare laptop and monitor in my office setup with our revenue dashboard to be shown at all times.


  • Follow up with everyone personally that I’ve talked to previously to try and reengage them
  • Finalize as the CRM
  • Figure out automation and how we are going to further segment leads after my initial “qualifying call” so to speak
  • I want to have at least 10 more sales calls lined up next week as well
  • I need to get a blog post up for
  • Figure out what I’m going to do on the development side of things
  • Watch the NFL draft! I blocked off last part of Thursday and all of Friday. This is my favorite time of the entire year.


  • I get pumped when new business is coming. I need to make sure that even when I am on vacation or at a conference or doing training that I can keep the momentum going. That is where a more dialed and automated system comes into play. Excited to fully leverage and Drip for this.

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