Greg’s Update:


  • Setup our internal onboarding and fulfillment campaigns for our new product options
  • Get one blog post written for our site
  • Didn’t get to yoga this week (although got a few small workouts in) but not happy with that
  • Some really late nights working which is not good, i’m feeling it and think i’m coming down with a cold


  • MME Revenue = Same
    • MME $1988
  • Month to Date Revenue –
      • One Time: $2700
      • EMRR: $5387
      • Total MR: $8137
  • Continued the onboarding
  • Finished the migration of all info to Wrike and we’re about 85% all the way onto that tool
  • the website development has started
  • Wrote one blog post for
  • Went to Lewis Howes book signing and spent some quality time with him after
  • GKIC Info Summit
  • 3 discovery calls
    • I think 1-2 might become customers.
  • Shocker – I am toying with pricing again. but not really, just found a way to clean things up on the pricing page and using some of the lower options as “trip wires” and will only promote via the email list.
  • About 90% done with this customer audit
  • Massive time suck across two customer launches this week (that’s starting to wind down a bit)
    • Implemented a really cool one click upsell as a part of one of these funnels so a new tool up my sleeve.
  • Zero to scale insiders call


  • Finish Audit
  • Deal with these 3 new prospects
    • 1 of which may be a no cuz they sort of want Ontraport
  • Fully move team to wrike and stop relying on Trello
  • I’m filming some videos for the new website with a videographer friend of mine next week
  • Finalize site web copy
  • identify the key pages I need on my site and outline that copy
    • Infusionsoft vs Converkit as an example
  • Roadmap for the content Ideas I have
  • New fulfillment campaigns for our products and services

Justin’s Update:


  • Did not start work on our sales process unfortunately. Just had so many things going on this week operationally as we prepared to temporarily shut the doors down for the service as well as get development started on version 2.0 of the software. My sales guy has gone through a couple demos though and has put some notes together.


  • $30.4k MRR
  • We broke the $30k mark as people got signed up before we closed the doors on the service.
  • Last weekend, we rolled out the complete database migration which is making everything run faster and more stable. Feels so good to be at this point with things now compared the utter panic of where things were just a month and a half ago.
  • I put together the initial documentation for our next major feature. I didn’t do mockups yet, but will be doing it this next week just to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • I did an interview with Petovera on Wednesday. It was like a hybrid of a webinar/podcast interview. I probably should have recorded it for us to use as it went deep into my agency experience, how to productize, why I feel like you should start with a productized business first before software, etc. Anyone interested in my agency experiences should check it out. I’ll try and link it up in the show notes.
  • Had to have some tough conversations this week with a team member to hold them accountable and use it as a teaching moment. Sometimes, as a leader, you have to go the “tough love” route and this was one of those times. I am realizing I have to do a better job of training managers to become more self sufficient as well. So this is definitely a “look in the mirror” moment.
    • A LOT of people struggle with this… looking in the mirror and saying, “what could I have done different?” This self evaluation is critical though for you to take the next steps as a Founder. If customers are upset, if your people aren’t following through, if development sprints are delayed, all of these things you have to ask yourself what could have been done differently to avoid these issues?
  • We had our monthly call with our Insiders and had a great call with a member who is having great success ($500k/year), but wanted to take it to the next level.
  • Thursday I really focused on our internal operational processes and had some hangout sessions with our team to look for areas where we could improve our efficiency. Out of this came some realizations that I think will help us be able to better manage and forecast things which will ultimately go into effect this upcoming week.
  • I did a separate interview with Mandi Ellefson – who was our guest on Episode 33 – as she wanted capture a recording of me talking about lead gen and cold email so that she can refer to it with her clients as I guess she’s always ending up in a discussion about it she said. So that was fun…
  • Finalized two webinars we will be rolling out soon. We will be using WebinarJam to conduct these. We’ll be using them as a marketing tool, but also for sales to help with converting free trials to paid. Prior to Oct 15th when we rolled out onboarding we had a 5.3% conversion. Since Oct 15th, we are at 10.2% free to paid. We don’t collect credit card up front, and the research I’ve seen on trial conversions from free to paid can be anywhere from 5 to 10%. So we’re heading in the right direction, but I think there’s a LOT more we can do. Webinars will be a start, more hand holding by a sales/customer success team is something else we’ll be doing soon as well. In addition, adding content specific to our target markets. I think we can get it to 20% at that point.


  • Bring on 2 to 3 more people to help with our current workload.
  • I will be helping our Customer Success Manager put together a training kit so that we can onboard our new hires efficiently and get them up to speed quickly.
  • I will also be focusing on the sales playbook and getting this completed for our new software focus. I have the done-for-you version completed, but this is an entirely new process.
  • Put mockups together for version 2.0 of LeadFuze which we have already started development on.

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