Today we are joined by Damian Thompson of

Damian is Justin’s sales coach and will begin working with Greg shortly as well. Damian does a great job of orchestrating team members, creating a system that anyone get jump right into and get a lot of value out of.

Damian has been selling for three decades, building sales teams for software teams and companies around the world. A few years ago he left the corporate game, had his ‘Aha’ moment and decided to help others build their sales teams, leveraging his experience and expertise.

“If you find something you’re good at, it’s kind of a self fulfilling prophecy. If you’re good at it you’ll do it more, study more, read more, you’ll keep on getting better at it.  – Damian on how he got started.

Damian talks about sales as a process, business development and how like everything else, there are key strengths people have and to be able to focus those strengths is valuable.

On today’s podcast, we’ll talk about:

  • Difference between salesperson/customer success roles
  • Three functions of sales
  • Sales processes
  • CRM
  • 4 Basic Deal Stages
  • Follow Up
  • Creating urgency in the sales process
  • Sales tracking and payment structures
  • Outbound for specific niches
  • Balancing outbound and content strategies
  • Getting referrals

Damian talks about the four stages of deal making: Discovery, Demonstration, Presentation/Proposal, Success

“It’s all about how you ask the questions…enter into the discovery phase knowing it’s all about them and not about you.” – Damian

Best practices indicate the Demonstration should be a separate phase. Use what you’ve learned during discovery and tailor your demonstration to fit your prospect.  Keep the presentation 50/50. Fifty percent should be about the product – the other half should be about the client. Telling is not selling. Use the story to make it about the client.

“No one cares [about your product] if it doesn’t solve their problem”. Damian

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