Today we are joined by Thanh Pham of Asian Efficiency.

Thanh is our go-to person for operational questions and is very procedure based which leads to efficiency and growth. Asian Efficiency got started as a part-time passion project in 2011, when Thanh and his partner Aaron decided to start a blog to share how they got things done. Over time, their audience grew, started asking for products and Asian Efficiency was launched in 2013.

“I’ve always been the guy who wants to help people” – Thanh

Thanh talks about how he and Aaron developed their vision, and their desire to make the world more productive and efficient.

On today’s show, Thanh talks about:

  • What prevents people from moving forward
  • Task management systems
  • Creating goals and aligning tasks with those goals
  • Daily routines/rituals and how they relate to task management
  • Scrum and customer service – new customer onboarding and resolving
  • The Scrum Process

Thanh talks about his daily routines and how he starts and works throughout his day. He tries to keep his personal and business goals separate. He schedules his day to make sure that each event or goal for the week is slotted into his calendar. Thanh’s personal goals are non-negotiable and all of his business goals are worked around and between them. He mixes personal and professional goals throughout the day.

“A lot of gold is in the customer support tickets” – Thanh

His entire business operation runs on Agile and each department runs their own sprints. There is also an inbound customer service element that can’t necessarily be included in a sprint but is critial. Customer service sprints are planned doing tasks like creating operational procedures, but included in that time is actual customer service, handling issues and addressing tickets. It just needs to be built into the process and the schedule.

When working with a distributed team, “It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page.” – Thanh

Thanh is always a wealth of information.  Learn more about Rituals, Asian Efficiency’s newest product, visit the Dojo or just learn how to be more Asian Efficient.

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