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Month July 2016

Episode 136: Knowing When to Pull Back on Growth for Future Scalability with Naveen Dittakavi

Today we’re joined by Naveen Dittakavi, founder of NextVacay.com, for a discussion on his personal journey and the lessons he learned along the way. Naveen began his career as software engineer and web developer before shifting into consulting and contracting…. Continue Reading →

Episode 135: Considering Funding & The Pilot Program Is Live

Greg’s Update: Fails: I didn’t finish the proposal I was working on as the prospect was on a vacation and never got back to us with some of the answers we needed. Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – MRR:… Continue Reading →

Episode 134: Aggressive Plans to Finish the Year Strong

Today we are revisiting the grades we gave ourselves last Thursday and discussing how we can use them as a guide for the remaining half of the year. Coming up with a game plan is necessary for reaching your goals,… Continue Reading →

Episode 133: A Love/Hate Relationship with Webinars

Greg’s Update: Fails: Get another 2 blog posts written. I’m halfway done with one and didn’t start the other Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $28,041 (we will be down $2700 next month) Additional sales for course 5… Continue Reading →

Episode 132: How Did We Do the First Half of the Year? The Grades Are In

Today we have something special. Since we are halfway through the year, we are going to look at the first half of the year and grade ourselves like a coach at half-time. We are going to go over the first… Continue Reading →

Episode 131: Hiring a Coach and Preparing for Enterprise Deals

Greg’s Update: Fails: Nobody new into pilot program, but that’s what webinar is for Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $28,041 (upgraded one client) Started to live my new schedule (starting with 2 days a week) no calls… Continue Reading →

Episode 130: How to Scale Your Business Through Leadership with Tim Conley

Today we have a special guest. Tim Conley from TimConley.co and Tim411. In a recent episode, we were talking about the scalability of productized services. This is a topic Tim is an expert in, so we were hoping we can… Continue Reading →

Episode 129: Webinar Results and Adding a New Business Partner

Greg’s Update: Fails: Not abiding by my own rules From checking Email and scheduling calls (saying yes to shit) Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $28,041 (upgraded one client) One-Time: $3885 Total: $31,926 This week was all about… Continue Reading →

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