Today we have something special. Since we are halfway through the year, we are going to look at the first half of the year and grade ourselves like a coach at half-time. We are going to go over the first half of the year in this episode, and next week we are going to go over our game plan for the next half of the year.

Justin gives himself a C, because he set an 84k MRR goal for the end of the year. He worked backwards and from a monthly standpoint, he should be at 35k MRR and they missed the mark for LeadFuze. Going forward they are in a good position with the addition of new team members. He thinks they will reach the goal, but from an actual output standpoint the results aren’t quite there. They are making a lot of progress, but it is taking a bit longer than he would have liked.

Greg gives himself a B. He surpassed his monthly goal, after not hitting it last year. They started the year with 12k or 14k, but now they are shy of 30k, so they doubled in six months. Greg also feels it is important to review objectives and identify and share goals. He also thinks he has come a long way as a leader and a business owner. Greg wants to celebrate the wins by giving himself a B. In the future, he may be harder on himself. He also wants to better identify quarterly goals and what courses to sell at what amount.

Topics discussed include:

  • This is an important episode because taking a look back is important
  • Having monthly targets and tracking them are important.
  • It’s important to meet on a weekly basis the way Greg and Justin do with this podcast and with their mastermind groups
  • Testing pricing, maybe once a quarter is a good idea
  • Team building, and learning to be a leader, and a business owner presents challenges
  • Looking for what their clients are needing and what is scalable will help with their visions for the future
  • Transitioning from done for you to SaaS is a big deal
  • Sometimes stepping out on a limb and taking a big leap is worth it
  • The future is looking bright for the next half of the year Justin is excited about improving with new sales and team members
  • Tune-in next Thursday for the second half of this conversation and how we are going to course correct
  • Join us in our Facebook group and share your grade

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