Today we are revisiting the grades we gave ourselves last Thursday and discussing how we can use them as a guide for the remaining half of the year. Coming up with a game plan is necessary for reaching your goals, and can help you reevaluate the best course of action as the deadline approaches.

Last week, Justin gave himself a C because he didn’t quite reach his monthly targets necessary to reach 84k MMR by the end of the year. His plan is to use his new team members to switch from inbound to outbound sales and to aggressively market LeadFuze by scaling back on content creation and focus instead on promoting content by building relationships. Justin also has a plan to improve his customer’s success rate by increasing their education and getting rid of any bugs in the program.

Greg gave himself a B grade because he met his monthly goals, and now he can focus on doubling his revenue. The next 90 days for are absolutely critical for reaching the goal of 300k in revenue by the end of 2016. To do this, Greg plans on restructuring his marketing strategy, raising his current customer rates, and launching a webinar.

Topics discussed include:

  • How can we use the grades we gave ourselves last episode to course-correct, maintain momentum, and keep going towards our goals?
  • Justin focuses on the four pillars of his business: sales, marketing, customer success, and the product.
  • Outbound sales can help you gain control over the type of leads you’re going after
  • New ways to promote content: podcasting, hosting webinars, and making partnerships
  • Customer success is driven by education and demos
  • It’s important to keep improving your product to make it easier to use
  • Greg’s goals are increase his monthly revenue from 27k to 50k, which should double his profit by the end of the year
  • Reexamining the existing customer base and rates
  • Greg also wants to finalize the pilot program and launch the webinar course
  • Marketing strategies: Building up list and making new leads. Use paid traffic to get more people in the funnel. Greg is thinking about becoming a sponsor and having a booth at conferences.
  • Maximize revenue and maximize profit margins at the same time
  • Greg wants to focus on using ads to direct people to specific content and then create a new audience based on that.
  • Sometimes you have to restructure in order to bump up your revenue. You don’t know what to expect when you’re restructuring, so it can be hard to predict the reasonability of your goals.
  • Everyone should reevaluate at the end of the year and set more goals. Both Greg and Justin will be able to create more estimates in 2017 when they’ve been in the business for over a year
  • You might need to add more people to your team in order to reach your goals
  • Importance of setting personal goals
  • Use apps to track your health and fitness progress
  • Investing in your goals by spending money makes you more likely to care, and tracking your progress is great motivation. Don’t break the chain!
  • Join us in our Facebook group and share your grade if you haven’t already!
  • After sharing your grade, tell us what your plans are to reach your goals by the end of this year.

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