Today we talk with Micah Mitchell the owner of the membership SaaS Memberium. Micah originally began working in sales and eventually transitioned to IT. In the process, he discovered CRMs. He also worked on client web design and discovered Infusionsoft consulting. At the time, there weren’t many Infusionsoft consultants. He also started creating plugins for Infusionsoft and focused on Infusionsoft training. Eventually, this road led him to creating Memberium.

Micah shared his insights on leveraging membership sites to supplement a service. He says people start membership sites, because they believe they are the best at whatever it is they do. They also need to educate clients, so having a one time educational recording is better than repeating it over and over. Membership sites can save time with onboarding.

People do better when things are broken down into steps. Offering the information and guiding the user through it is a great way to avoid overwhelming your client. Things like check boxes after lessons help track progress. Offering training options for businesses and teams makes sure that everyone gets the proper training and allows owners to see the progress.

Micah started Memberium two years ago. Even though he has his software service, he still does a little consulting on the side to stay sharp. There are nine people on the team at Memberium. Last year, it was used on over 1000 sites and made a half million in revenue.

Memberium is an Infusionsoft membership plugin. A lot of big names use Memberium because it is only connected to Infusionsoft, so it won’t hit the website’s API too much. Having a narrow focus enables the software to use less data and run more efficiently. The focus is on CRM integration more than functionality.

We feel it’s always helpful to learn how people hire staff and develop teams. Micah used a multi-step process and spent a month developing his team. He started with about 100 applicants and ended up with about 10 after the initial screening. He used a process of interviewing and testing to narrow it down to the team he has today.

  • 3 Tech support people
  • 1 Account management person
  • 1 Marketing person
  • 1 Developer
  • 1 Part-time partner manager
  • 1 Less than part-time bookkeeper/accountant
  • Micah also spends a lot of time marketing and working on client set-up

He feels his leading marketing methods are offering support and helping people. Word of mouth and taking care of clients leads to referrals. Another clever thing Micah does is offer free licenses to Infusionsoft certified partners.

Micah has an interesting take on the information side of the business. He was one of the first to come out with Infusionsoft training videos. The market is now more saturated, but he has an updated strategy where “less is more”.

Even though there are a 100 videos, they are very small and to the point. He also breaks things down to small steps and puts them in order. His focus has shifted from solopreneurs to main street businesses. For our information businesses, he suggested breaking the information into specific segments and ordering the courses for specific goals. Letting clients focus on what they need to learn most.

Micah was one of the early pioneers of Infusionsoft consulting, and it was interesting talking to him. We enjoyed hearing about how he made his first hires and grew his business with smart ideas like offering free licenses for ICPs.

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Awakening the Entrepreneur Within by Michael Gerber

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Infusionsoft Certified Partner Program

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