Today we are going to be sharing our goals for 2016. This will be a bit of a continuation from Episode 73 where we talked about the top 5 things we’re doing to plan for 2016. We also talk about how we are using ideas from John Lee Dumas and his Freedom Journal.

Justin’s Update:

2015 Review:

  • My number one goal was to get LeadFuze to 25K MRR (monthly recurring revenue). I hit 30K MRR by the end of the year. Success!

2016 Goal:

  • My business goal for 2016 was going to be 100K MRR by the end of the year, but things have changed. I am shutting down the done for you service and focusing on software revenue.
  • My number one goal for LeadFuze in 2016 is to get software revenue to 84K MRR. Breaking it down and working backwards, here are my monthly goals.
    • December 84K
    • November 76K
    • October 67K
    • September 58K
    • August 50K
    • July 42K
    • June 35K
    • May 29K
    • April 13K
    • March 18K
    • February 13K
    • January 9K

 2016 Personal Goals:

  • Eat healthier (which is convenient because my wife’s goal is to cook healthier)
  • Exercise more

Greg’s Update:

2015 Review:

  • My goal for Mobile Marketing Engine was 20K MRR, the highest hit was 7K MRR. In late August I completely shifted my business to, where I am a little over 11K MRR. The first business didn’t meet the goal, but the second one is halfway there.

2016 Goal:

  • My goal for my done for you service is to get to 30K MRR, but I am breaking down my goal into monthly subscriber goals, instead of revenue. Doing the math and including churn rates and different price plans, I would like to get 4 new customers a month to meet or exceed revenue goals.
  • Even with the subscriber goals we will constantly be evolving and trying to get subscribers for the higher priced plans. We will probably need 8-10 discovery calls per month or 2-3 per week.
  • We also want to create a more streamlined repeatable system, probably Facebook ads to a sales funnel or webinar, and a strong referral system.
  • Secondary part of goal is to make 5K MRR with membership site. This site is designed to serve existing customers, and attract new customers who may be originally looking for a DIY solution.
  • The goal would be met with 50 people a month. I am hoping to start adding about 8 new people a month. Doors for this program open on April 1st.

2016 Personal Goals:

  • Go to yoga four times a week
  • Track with Way of Life App
  • End year with no credit-card debt

We want to hear your goals. You have heard the blueprint. You have heard about SMART goals, and how we are backing our goals out. Join us in our facebook group and share your goals.

Resources Mentioned:



Mobile Marketing Engine

Episode 73: The Top 5 Things We’re Doing to Plan For 2016

The Freedom Journal

John Lee Dumas

Way of Life App

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