Justin and Greg want to share the conferences they plan to attend in 2016 and hope to see some of their listeners there as well. Greg is no stranger to conferences, in 2014 he attended fifteen to seventeen conferences. However, he found there was such a thing as “the right conference.” After a painful lesson in time management and productivity, Greg only attended three conferences in 2015. This coming up year, 2016 he has an impressive roster lined up and he is excited for each and every one.  Justin will also be attending conferences in 2016 and will share his list.

Greg’s Choices:

Traffic & Conversion Summit

February 9-11

San Diego, CA

During this conference Greg has plans to host a small event with Rick Mulready.  The conference is sold out.


March 2-4

Phoenix, AZ

This is an InfusionSoft Conference. Designed to help small business owners gain a better understanding of the market and InfusionSoft.


October 4-6

Scottsdale, AZ

Another InfusionSoft conference for the partners. This conference is great to connect with the community.

Converted 2016

October 18-19

Minneapolis, MN

This is a LeadPages event that offers great speakers and networking opportunities.


Justin’s Choices:


“I just got back from SaaSFest. If it is happening again I would definitely go back for that one as well.” — Justin


November 8-11

Boston, MA

“Last year there were 14,000 in attendance. It’s a big one and tickets aren’t cheap,

they’re like 1,200 bucks!” –Justin

Content Marketing World Conference & Expo

September 6-9

Cleveland, OH

Social Media Marketing World

April 17-19

San Diego, CA

“If you want to connect with people it’s a great place to connect and build relationships. It’s one of those events I would even go to and not go to the conference.” — Greg  


April 3-6

Las Vegas, NV

Both Justin and Greg plan to attend MicroConf.


It’s important to have some criteria when choosing what conferences to attend. Greg has narrowed down his selection process with the following factors to consider:

  • Understand why you are going — networking, education, etc.
  • Is the timing good for your schedule?
  • Are you going to build a relationship with someone, such as a speaker?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Where are you in your business (will attending this conference hurt your business more than help?)


“I can guarantee you the ROI I’ve gotten from a MicroConf or SaasFest is there. It changes things, and it changes the way you think about certain things that end up improving your business.” –Justin


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