Greg’s Update:


  • Haven’t published blog content but I have a few posts in the works


  • Month to Date Revenue –
      • One Time: $5600
      • EMRR: $7086
      • Total MR: $12,686
  • Website went live, still working out most of the kinks but it’s going well so far.
  • Finished our lead magnet campaign – Webinar Funnel Blueprint
  • Closed a new customer and had our launch call
  • Launched two customer campaigns for our EW partnership
  • Superrrrr close on closing another customer ( I think it will happen next week)
  • Had a strategy session for one of our customers that has a big launch coming up in January and we put together a cool concept for a quiz funnel
  • Still working about 6 prospects
  • I spoke on a panel last night for Denver Podcasters Meetup which was a lot of fun. Speaking to aspiring podcasters locally was cool  and felt I had a lot of value to share
  • Put up our Christmas Tree!
  • Winding down with one MME customer so I’m officially going to stop tracking that revenue as there are 2-3 left
  • Sending my email list through a list cleanse campaign to get them to see if they want to continue hearing about related content


  • 2 discovery calls
    • One with a new prospect that would be a perfect fit
  • Finalizing a funnel for a customer launch
  • Have a call with my travel agent to book our trip to Japan
  • Write blog content
  • Figure out plan to engage current customers on lower plan to see if I can get them higher
  • Start making decisions on our “all access group” which I want to launch January 1 to our existing customers and invite some beta customers. People that I know were interested previously.

Insiders Update: We lowered pricing and now have a rolling admission

Justin’s Update:


  • WIN – Going to Boston Tues-Thurs for SaaSFest.
  • WIN – Have a designer selected and starting work on latest version


  • $31.5k MRR – We also had our first annual payment for our middle tier package which is always a nice shot in the arm. We give two months free when doing that. As far as the MRR tally we just take the total payment and divide it by 12.
  • After we recorded our last podcast I met up with a Zero to Scale Insider Sean Markey who came to town for a coaching session with Tim Conley. Always good to meet a people from our community!
    • Speaking of which, we rolled out a new pricing plan for our Insiders membership which is just $19/mo now. So if you want to join our private slack community with other entrepreneurs trying to scale their business, head over to
  • I moved forward with a designer for the new LeadFuze interface. We’re going to use InvisionApp to make it easy to share feedback and I can invite my team as well to get their feedback on things. We broke payments up into milestones. First milestone is to re-design the existing app. Second milestone is to add the version 2.0 features. Then lastly is mainly about perfecting the design. He does not do html/css though unfortunately, so I’m going to have to find someone for that.
  • put out an amazing blog post on product demos and best practices. I reviewed this and it made a big impact on our demo process. For example, I realized the demo portion of the call (after qualifying) was basically a “how to use the software” walkthrough. Versus more of a sales opportunity where you get them to envision what life would be like having the app in their arsenal.
  • Went to SaaSFest – amazingly well done conference. Took 9 pages of notes. You know it’s a good conference when you leave thinking, “we’ve been doing it all wrong!” Sean Ellis gave a great talk about the importance of continuously testing ideas and actually gave their entire framework for doing it. Patrick Campbell, who we’ve had on the show before, gave a great talk on a framework for pricing your product. Hiten Shah talked about content marketing and had a lot of statistics to share.
  • On the flight there, I started four different blog posts and one of which is about 90% complete. The rest are all about half complete, but it felt good to get some content flowing.


  • Get caught up with emails after being out of town. I have several hundred to go through and just hate the feeling.
  • Test the next major feature of our software (which means we need it ready to test)
  • Share some key strategies and takeaways I had from the conference to try and implement some of the changes. In particular, a testing framework for ideas. I’ll share more about how we’re going to do this when we have something in place.
  • Hoping to get the new designs at least 75% of the way complete by the end of the week as well. Which means I’ll be working closely with the designer to provide feedback.

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