Ask Us Anything is today’s topic. Greg and Justin encourage their Insider members to ask questions. Tune in and get some specific advice on member questions to grow and develop a successful business. 

 The topics Greg and Justin touch on are:  

  • How to validate your vertical.
  • How useful Greg and Justin find books for their business.
  • How to validate your business.
  • How to start your business.
  • How did this podcast develop.
  • 2016 Long term plans.
  • How to use conferences to grow your business.
  • Single founder vs.Co-founders and how to find a co-founder.
  • How to shorten a sales cycle.
  • Common mistakes made with cold calling and leads.

Hopefully our answers to these questions will add value to you, to your life, and your business in some shape or form.

Resources Mentioned:

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