Greg’s Update:


  • MME Revenue = Same
    • MME $1988
  • Month to Date Revenue –
      • One Time: $2700
      • EMRR: $5387
      • Total MR: $8137
  • Got one new customer this week
  • Finished my “welcome series” in CK and setup some segmentation and tagging for future emails.
  • The plan was to onboard 3 people that we liked for this junior Infusionsoft support role. At the start of the week, one had health issues and is no longer participating in our 30 day trial, the second is in the middle of the philippines that is getting hit with storms and his power is going to be on / off for 2 weeks he said (not sure I believe that but what can you do) and the last is doing great so far.
    • We’ve had a handful of training calls and giving her both internal and client tasks and she’s been doing a good job on them and knocking them out pretty quickly so far thanks to our SOPs.
    • I re-posted the job to see about getting another candidate and I am talking to one of the previous candidates that was good and may bring her on as well to make it a 2 person 30 day trial.
    • Also considering just rolling with the one we have and giving her more hours already because she’s been good with communication and quick so far.
    • What are your thoughts?
  • I have a few clients asking about increasing email deliverability and I had a call with a guy named Adrian Savage of and he has a tool that helps with that but he shared a lot of intrestesting things around deliverability and at what point you really should be investing in increasing that deliverability.
    • I was able to take that information back to our clients and give them some good insights.
  • A lot of launch implementation this week for customers
    • We have two customers preparing for product launches early and mid november and we’re getting their campaigns ready while also onboarding them so it’s been a bit crazy on the implementation side.
  • We’ve reached a point where our current process is being tested pretty hard and it’s let me to realize that as we’re scaling Trello is not going to be the right tool for us to manage our team effectively.
    • Due to that, we’re moving over to Wrike so I spent a bunch of time demo’ing the tool, watching tutorials and speaking with their sales team to determine if it is right and I’m pretty sure it is so we’re migrating to that and part of my next week will be bringing the team up to speed on that and updating our SOPs accordingly.
  • I had a really good call with a customer about our ongoing relationship and shared our new pricing structure with them and garnered some really good insights out of that call.
  • With that being said, the final pricing structure has been finalized, handed off to the designer and the site designs are done and we’re about to start development next week.
  • With the onboarding I’ve been working super long days. WE’re having training calls at 7pm at night and I’ve been getting to bed around 11:30pm every night which is 1-2 hours later than normal which has worn me out a bit.
  • I had an interesting partnership opportunity call that we’ll be exploring with someone that runs FB ads into funnels for some high profile people.
  • I had a call with with Rick Mulready to plan out the initial stages of the event we’ll be holding following the Traffic and Conversion conference in Feb in San Diego. Ironed out those details on pricing, the dates, and working on actual agenda and guests as we speak.
  • I completed the setup of Z2S drip automation delivering our new toolkit and indoctrination campaign
  • Recorded 2 interviews for Z2S


  • Continue the onboarding
  • Finish the migration to Wrike ( I think that’s a realistic goal)
  • Setup our internal onboarding and fulfillment campaigns for our new product options
  • Get one blog post written for our site and one for
  • Begin development on the site
  • and a goal of getting 1 new customer

Justin’s Update:


  • Started to put some notes together for a sales collateral piece that I want to get designed, but need to actually map it out so I can send it to a designer. FAIL – I will get into why later.
  • Going to set up some more onboarding emails based on actions taken within the app. This was on my plans for the past two weeks, but this has gotten pushed back again. We have a pretty solid onboarding sequence together, so this just hasn’t been a priority. Going to revisit some of this a little more later on.


  • $28.6k MRR
  • Continued to spend time refining our domain gathering process just to continue to improve results. We finished our database migration as well which helps the speed of the app while also making things more scalable.
  • Started work on the next major feature which we have discussed having a deadline by the end of the year to get it rolled out which will officially be version 2.0.
  • On Tuesday I blocked off all of the day and basically worked like our operations team as we are looking to figure out the best method for handling the volume of our done-for-you customers.
  • Wednesday was my hot seat in our mastermind and what came out of that was me realizing I needed to close the doors temporarily on our done-for-you service. We have too many customers where we are behind and they are not getting the experience they deserve. So we are turning our full attention to getting these accounts in good standing. We’ll probably be closing the doors on this through the end of the year.
  • This is unfortunate as we literally just rolled out our reseller portal for the DFY side of things also and I spent a good majority of last week working on this. It will be ready to re-open again in the future though.
  • Another takeaway was that I decided to cancel our Socedo account as we were paying $400/mo for the managed service. We’re going to use that money towards another VA to help with our operational overflow.
  • I have realized the business is not yet where I can remove myself and I feel like I tried to do that too soon. I spend a lot of my time just communicating with the team and I realized I needed to make a dramatic shift in my own workflow. I put so much on my plate in terms of daily tasks and responsibilities and so right now I plan to scale things back and just try to focus on ONE main task per day while doing smaller tasks as I can and communicate regularly with the team to make we’re on track for the vision that I have of the company. I spent a lot of time just purging things off my task list.


  • Map out and implement our sales process for the software side of things. I’ll be working with Damian Thompson to nail this down. He’ll be our guest on Thursday’s episode so this should be great timing.
  • Shut doors for DFY service on Friday. Which means updating the website, creating a waiting list capture, executing a drip email sequence and all that jazz.
  • Officially put documentation together for the next major feature. We just have scattered notes and conversations right now. I want to make sure this process goes smoothly, so I need to get something more formal together.

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