Brian Casel from, a fellow Mastermind Partner, joins us for this special episode today.

For the last four or five years, Brian has been the go-to guy when it comes to content on productized services. With the rise of WP Curve, people are asking, “How can I launch this service that I’ve been offering and how can I treat it more like a product, which is less reliant on ‘me’ and more on the ‘process’.?” Brian has created a course called Productize, which answers that question.

“It’s a way to scale the projects we work on and let them live on.” – Brian Casel

On today’s show, he will focus on:

  •      Recognizing Signs of When you Should Productize
  •      Systemizing Creative Work
  •      The Done for You Component
  •      Standard Operating Procedures
  •      Tools and Methods used for Creating an SOP
  •      Productize Course Overview

“The goal is to make your business scalable and to not require you.” – Brian Casel

Brian explains in detail how he laid out his own productized service and how quickly he began to replace himself and scale his business. From day 1, by using specific guidelines and creating standard operating procedures, he was able to offload some of the tasks and daily work almost immediately allowing him to focus on marketing and sales.

“Some of the nitty gritty, hands-to-keyboard stuff is a great place to start offloading.” – Greg Hickman

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