Greg’s Update:


  • Only got two of 3 emails for the personal email series


  • MME Revenue = Same
    • MME $1988
  • Month to Date Revenue –
      • One Time: $2000
      • EMRR: $4998
      • Total MR: $6998
  • Back from cousins wedding so jumped into this week with a bit of a slow start
  • I wanted to complete the 1st draft of the editorial strategy/calendar that Brian Casel shared with me and I’m off to the races with that and feel pretty good about it.
  • Wrote 2 of 3 emails from my personal blog email series
  • Wrote out 4 options for pricing plans that I want to consider and shared them with you and the mastermind group and my other mastermind partners.
    • The feedback from that will be what we launch the website with.
  • I’ve now seen the designs for every page of the new site and on revision 3. Just a handful of minor design tweaks and ironing out some copy and the pricing plan.
  • I re-wrote our core values, which I’ll be revising and cleaning up within our SOD tonight. I’m feeling really good about this document because I also met my other goal of having 2 people join the team for a 1 month trial.
  • Both of these people start Monday in onboarding and we may even have a third person added to that mix.


  • Finish 2-3 more emails in that personal email series
  • Most of next week will be focused to onboarding the new hires so that I can focus on starting some outbound marketing efforts via cold email and organize this editorial plan to start producing the content.
  • I currently have one strategy session and one sales call scheduled next week
  • We have 2 Z2Z interviews being recorded as well
  • Setting up our new Z2S toolkit in Drip to be delivered which came out nice and I’m excited to share.

Justin’s Update:


  • Should have event tracking in place for the app, so I want to set up more onboarding emails based on actions taken (or not taken) within the app.
    • This didn’t get done from previous week. On the radar for this upcoming week though. I just didn’t put too much of an emphasis on it this week.
  • Have a clearly defined process for our content marketing efforts.
    • This is going on Michael’s radar next week. We have been mapping out content and doing a lot of research so just haven’t gotten to the promotion process just yet.


  • $27.8k MRR
  • Update was rolled out on Monday. It is pretty freaking sweet. Email quality is high now, app is much faster due to all the behind the scenes work that went into this update. I know Dominic, our CTO, was super excited about rolling this out.
    • As usual though we are still fine tuning things and still working out the behind the scenes database migration we are doing.
  • Started to map out ideas for what will eventually be version 2 of the app. It’s going to be a monster new feature that I cannot wait to have released. Can’t even talk about it just yet or give a timeframe, but it’s exciting to think about.
  • Operationally, we have been dealing with a backlog of customers and so we have been behind in building lists for everyone, which is a rather time intensive process. We have had upset customers because of this unfortunately, but the good news here is that we’ve been working out several process improvements to streamline the workflow.
  • Worked on a reseller portal, starting with an application that we are going to have people go through. We are only accepting resellers if they already offer a marketing or lead gen type service simply because anyone that doesn’t will not really have success selling it… unless they just have an amazing plan to promote it (which we do ask on the application). Added a password protected page which will have documents, an order option, and other helpful material for the resellers.
  • Reviewed affiliate software and still trying to make a decision on which I want to use. I am leaning towards, but it is pretty expensive. LeadDyno is in close second due to the pricing being easier to swallow, but Ambassador just looks so nice.
    • I feel there’s something to be said for end affiliates knowing we use such an expensive piece of software that they associates us with a higher level of quality. That said, this isn’t finalized yet.
    • They have a plan
  • We partnered with a financing company, who is also a customer of ours to be able to offer financing for customers where budget is a concern. So this required a whole page be built out for it along with a form that feeds to them so they can qualify the prospect for a loan.
    • The nice thing is, if they do get the loan, it will be a one year commitment to LeadFuze with 2 months being free for them as well.
  • Ordered 5 32oz Nalgene bottles based on your water goal. I need to drink more water myself and it will be interesting to actually measure. I ordered five of them so I don’t have to wash one out every day. Also downloaded WaterMinder, your recommended tool from last week.
  • Purchased my ticket and booked my flight for SaaSFest. It is a conference being put on by Patrick Campbell (who was a former guest on the show). It fits that SaaS audience right between MicroConf and SaaStr. Hiten Shah, Sean Ellis, Brian Balfour from Hubspot and several other speakers are already lined up. It is Dec 9th in Boston. I am flying up the 8th and coming back the 10th. Flight back leaves at 5am so I can be sure to make it back here in time to tailgate for our Thursday night game that day. Praying there aren’t any delays.


  • Wrap up the Reseller Portal with purchase forms that feed Stripe directly as well as link to a specific reseller onboarding form. This will allow us to assign different coupon codes to resellers based on their pricing tier… which is dictated based on the number of active subscriptions they have. Have to still think about how to best handle all of this without being so involved in every single reseller. Ideally we would have an automated billing system setup to account for how many active subscriptions they have, but have to think through it all.
  • Going to set up some more onboarding emails based on actions taken within the app. This was on my plans for this week, but got pushed back.
  • Make a decision on which affiliate program we are going to roll out and I want to get it all setup and ready to do some outreach to people. If you are listening and you are interested in being an affiliate, hit me up!
  • Started to put some notes together for a sales collateral piece that I want to get designed, but need to actually map it out so I can send it to a designer.

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