Greg’s Update:


  • I didn’t write one blog post but outlined 2
  • Haven’t interviewed any other candidates yet but have the job description out there


  • Drinking a gallon of water a day
  • Yoga at 6am the last two days
  • MME Revenue:
    • MME $1988
    • Revenue – One-time Revenue = $1500
      • MRR: $5188
  • 3 discovery calls
    • One of which heard me on the episode of The Top and is someone I know and hadn’t spoken to in a while. Note – the power of being interviewed on other people’s podcasts
  • Brought on 1 new customer
  • 1 existing customer that has two brands within one Infusionsoft app will be splitting those apart which will gives us another bump in MRR.
  • Handed off my website to a designer that I’m really pumped about.
    • 2 week turnaround
    • Unlimited revisions
    • And they’ve developed sites for some other amazing entrepreneurs and they were actually the people that designed my leaving corporate podcast logo when I had that show.
  • Really digging me BulletJournal and Zero Calendar combination
  • I setup the foundation of a 16 part email series on my personal blog using convertkit
  • I am diving into ClickFunnels which I’m excited about
    • I think there is a lot of potential here for people that need an easy to use tool to create their entire funnel.
    • They just launched two new tools as well that are now apart of it that are exciting
  • 1 Launch Call with the new customer from last week
  • Mapped out 3 new funnels for one of our newer customers which I’m excited about

Justin’s Update:


  • No fails for me


  • $24.8k MRR
  • Had a user that was paying $2.5k/mo for our software cancel. He had lots of subscriptions because he was selling a list building service. It was due to an issue where our software was returning false positives instead of them being labeled as orange/risky. We have this fixed now, but he moved on unfortunately.
  • Got our first marketing sprint setup inside of Zenhub. It is a setup type sprint to make sure we have our tracking in place, ad pixels installed, etc. Michael was on vacation this week, but we’ll be getting most of these things implementing next week.
  • On Monday we held our first team meeting. Goal was to get everyone on a hangout and just get familiar with one another. Our team is officially 8 people so it was good having everyone get familiar with one another. Everyone was shy, so not a lot of questions, but goal is to bring issues to the table that we can be sure we are resolving. Since this was our first, I just recapped what everyone did, where everyone was from, what our goals are as a company and how we’ll be working together going forward.
  • I rolled out our daily standups as well. Micah will be handling these for our ops team, I’ll be doing them for sales and marketing, and Dominic will be doing it on the development side. Basically, we’re going to have quick 5 minute sessions where people discuss what they did the previous day, what they want to get done the current day, and what the roadblocks are for them to get those done. It will be the manager’s responsibility to make sure roadblocks are removed.
  • Listened to Asian Efficiency podcast after Greg had mentioned it a few times. I listened to an episode on 10 computer hacks and one of them was to install Google’s Canary version of Chrome. It’s basically a dev version, but it allows you to have two separate instances running so you can be logged into different accounts and what not.
  • Decided that we are going to change around our pricing. Going back to three tiers, but one of which will be a list building only service. We are going to be using it also to anchor pricing for the fully done-for-you service where we’re also writing emails, sending, follow-up, reporting, etc.
    • That price is going to increase from $1,497 quarter to $2,497 quarter. We’re doing more sends in there then we currently offer as well. You can check out a service like for example they charge roughly $0.71/contact and you have to build the list. So we feel like at $0.50/contact and we are building the list that makes sense as a stand alone package. Then at $0.83/contact we will be not only be building the list, but creating the sequences, sending emails and following-up, reporting, etc. So the value is there.
  • Added another VA. This came from a referral from one of our existing VA’s who has done a good job. This is going to help us build more lists for customers (as well as internal lists) in a quicker amount of time.
  • I had to completely re-write our email algorithm to no longer rely on a major third party that we counted on because they kept going down. This had major impacts with cancellations in our software and was part of our reason our bounce rate was too high. I am excited though because this makes us so much more stable and in control of results.
  • Worked on my portion of our lead magnet. Signed up for the affiliate programs that were available as well.


  • Update pricing on the site, which also needs to be updated in Stripe. We are going to need to have different onboarding forms and sequences depending on what you are signing up for also – so I’ll need to figure out how to set that up within Drip.
  • Officially roll out the new pricing update on Friday. Need to get things lined up for that first:
    • Add packages to Stripe and connect front end of the site to those
    • Have different onboarding experiences depending on the package chosen.
    • Create the actual onboarding experience for list building customers only.
  • Work on my marketing setup tasks like making sure our software feeds into Mixpanel and all the events are in Intercom as well.

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