Rick Mulready is a self-taught Facebook marketing expert, coach, and consultant. With over 10 years of corporate advertising background and five years in Facebook ads, he was ready to start his own business in 2012, and is passing with flying colors.

Today we’ll be talking mostly about Rick’s top Facebook advertising tips, ranging from topics such as time management tools, to driving specified traffic, and appropriately targeting your content.

What we´ll be talking about:

  • How Facebook ads work
  • The biggest mistakes that people make when trying to get traffic and start out with ads
  • Our experience with webinars and video testimonials for driving traffic
  • Opt-ins, offers, and strategies to attract leads
  • What a good cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion is
  • Recommendations for tracking metrics
  • Do´s and don’ts of targeting
  • Facebook ads vs. Google ad words

Rick specifically covered the subject of how to use get your desired audience, and what route you should take to get there. He also emphasizes the importance of driving awareness to your business and your brand, and immediately offering your audience free content to make it more attractive and gain credibility for your page.

With as many years as Rick has in corporate and Facebook marketing, he definitely had some great advice to share.

Here are some of Rick’s top how-to’s:

  • How small businesses can build a cool community
  • How to be an expert at paid traffic
  • How to drive traffic appropriately
  • How to retarget your audience with video ads
  • How to warm up consumers so that they keep coming back
  • How to use Facebook ads according to your business path or career
  • How to leverage Facebook to get in front of your target audience

Rick goes on to share more about his content strategy game, and emphasizes the importance of following Facebook guidelines so as to have the best advertising experience possible. So, if you want to avoid getting your wrist slapped by Facebook, check out their guidelines in the links below. He also explains how streaming workshops for beginners are an awesome starting point to your business. Whether you’re looking for a bigger e-mail list or more traffic, these workshops are the way to go.

Links and resources:

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