Providing your new customers with a welcome packet as part of the onboarding process is a good practice for any business. It serves as an expectation-setter and provides a promise to your customers on what they can expect to receive from you.  Today we’ll talk about what we have included in our welcome kit for new customers.

Justin’s welcome kit for LeadFuze contains these components and he explains them in today’s episode:

  • Setting the table
  • What to expect
  • Review of how things work
  • What to do when the customer gets a lead
  • How the campaign will be refined
  • Common FAQ’s
  • Other resources
  • Notes from the founder

Greg’s welcome packet for Mobile Marketing Engine outlines these points:

  • Introduction to set the tone
  • What the customer can expect in the first few weeks
  • Information on a questionnaire, launch call, road map and audit
  • Monthly strategy call information
  • Clarifying what they will not be doing for the customer
  • Onboarding recap
  • Tools that will be used
  • Service availability
  • Conclusion

The format used isn’t really important to the kit, what’s important is that you have a welcome kit. When developing a kit, think about the things you want your new customer to know.  Circulate your kit among your team and several of your current customers to get their feedback.    

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