Greg’s Update:


  • I failed to reach out to Engage 10 people from my prospect list
  • I failed to Map out my 3-4 customer personas and identify and connect my work in progress content map to that.
    • I failed to continue working on the content map
  • Build out one of the funnels for a strategic partnership


  • Revenue:
    • MME $1988
    • Systemly: : +$2000 (up from 1500) one time Revenue this month and $4190 MRR. w/ an expected increase of $1k this coming week and additional $3k in one-time revenue.
    • Combined this month earnings are $8577
  • 3 sales calls and 2 verbal commitments which I mentioned a minute ago
    • 1 Proposal that needs to be written for a one time project
  • 1 new customer that is actually a barter relationship and will allow us to start diving into work using Convertkit with a customer
  • I was featured on the largest Blab the internet has yet seen, which actually broke Blab.
  • Interviewed on the Social Spurs podcast
  • Have a strategic partnership call with another automation platform that I plan to be supporting
  • We sent our  audits/roadmap to the the three customers that were supposed to be receiving them
  • I re-interviewed one of two candidates for our potential next hire (1 already took full time work elsewhere)
  • Exported my contacts and upload to ConvertKit and sent my first broadcast
    • It’s funny – someone responded and was concerned that I switched from Infusionsoft to ConvertKit so we had a nice back and forth conversation.
  • On our mastermind it was my turn on the hotseat and we really dove into my thoughts on pricing and I walked away feeling much better


  • Map out customer profiles to start creating the category buckets for content
  • Finish one of the funnels for our strategic partnership
  • Finish the site mockups and pricing to share with the mastermind group by midweek
  • Our standard work
    • I have a few funnels to create
    • Standard support of incoming tickets
    • A monthly strategy call
  • Starting to have a weekly 1-on-1 with Lisa on my team as well
  • Potential partnership call with someone who writes copy
  • Finish a proposal and send that to a prospect
  • I have a call with the founder of Nusii – proposal software (intro’d from Brian Casel) to see if it’s something I want to incorporate into my process.
  • I’m speaking on a panel for a marketing association in Colorado Springs later this week
  • Have a lunch with a friend/potential strategic partner that just got certified through Digital Marketer on paid traffic and have some potential opportunities to partner there
  • This weekend celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with Sarah and I have something special planned which she doesn’t know about but it involves getting out of town for part of the upcoming weekend

Justin’s Update:


  • Did not complete onboarding series for new users. Just wasn’t able to do this because we don’t have all the events being tracked in Intercom so we don’t know when certain events occur (such as when a user adds a prospect to their dashboard for example). Will hopefully get to this in the next couple of weeks so we can streamline the onboarding process.


  • $26.3k MRR – same as last week
  • Wrote a guest blog, which I haven’t done in awhile. Looking forward to getting back into writing again as things start to settle down and we start putting more of an emphasis on marketing.
  • Onboarding email sequence updated to ask for feedback. We want to be able to collect feedback based on discussions people are having with their leads so we can continue to improve the campaign. This goes out near the end of the first month now and we’ve already gotten some good feedback on how we can improve a customer campaigns.
  • Started the welcome packet which is going to be a huge expectation setter. We’ll be covering this in detail on Thursday’s episode.
  • We have FINALLY figured out the monster bug we’ve been dealing with for a few weeks. It’s amazing how many times we thought we were close, only to end up not having things work as they should. We’re still experiencing some support ticket issues, but overall it’s working well now. This completely sapped our team as we were struggling operationally.
  • I removed myself from the support tickets. I still have some left that I need to tend to, but overall now I’m glad to have this taken off my plate.


  • Train new employee who will be taking on our Customer Success Manager role. He has already been asking lots of great questions in preparation of starting this week. We have a pretty good training flow for this particular position ready with videos and what not since we had to do this already before for someone else we brought on for this role. It didn’t work out, but at least it wasn’t a total loss.
  • Lots of new emails and team messages to get caught up on from being out of town.

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