Greg’s Update:


  • Did not “Finish” the site mockups and pricing to share with the mastermind group by midweek. I did get revisions and everything but not 100% happy and because of that you’ll hear in my results what I’m modifying when it comes to goal setting so that this is not going to be a fail each week ha.
  • I failed to Map out my 3-4 customer personas and identify and connect my work in progress content map to that due to a couple projects that took a lot of time.
  • I didn’t Finish one of the funnels for our strategic partnership
    • BUT it’s almost done and I essentially knocked two birds out with one stone, however I need to have a call with our partner to move forward


  • MME Revenue:
    • MME $1988
    • Systemly Revenue
      • One-time Revenue = $3750 (+1750 from last week)
      • MRR: $4190 ( same but will bump up to $4689 in 30 days
  • Finished reading The Power of Full Engagement – a must read
  • Added 1 new customer for setup/monthly
  • Added a second one-time project (that’s 2 for the month)
  • Funny story. A customer paid us extra for all the help/value we’ve been adding which is a great sign and then we almost had a fire drill because I messed something up but thankfully figured out a workaround. But it did end up eating most of the day.
  • I had mentioned last time I started doing one-on-ones with the team and my one on ones with Lisa are aimed to be less about client projects and more about our internal operations and strategy and having some really good ideas and breakthroughs as to the direction we want to go and how we want to hire and build out the rest of the team and those talks are already proving to be invaluable.
  • Overall, I feel like some tasks are taking really long, especially some of the “fire drill” type stuff. It has me thinking about how that is going to impact pricing and scale and I wonder how much I should be worrying about that right  now and or if those are outliers and should just plan for it…


  • Overall, I want to be more specific with my plans for each week and also sticking to my morning routine which has been slacking a bit.
    • In order to be better with this I’m going back to my zero-based calendar habits
  • Instead of saying finish site mockups, i’m just saying have the next round of revisions done for review with team and mastermind groups. I’m definitely not 100% happy with it and wondering if I should just hire a designer…i’m just so damn picky and not trying to spend a ton of money. I also get complimented on my sites which most of the time, I’ve designed.
  • Our standard work
    • I have a few funnels to create
    • Standard support of incoming tickets
  • Instead of saying finish the content planning I’m going to try Spending at least 2 hours planning out some content categories and ideas based on customer profiles and determine what nexts steps if any are needed.
  • 2 – New customer launch calls
  • Have at least 3 blog post topics selected to start writing for the following week
  • 4) Identify the remaining MVSOP (minimum viable SOP’s) so we can start planning on bringing on a junior person to tackle that sort of stuff.
  • Zero to scale insiders monthly call

Justin’s Update:


  • No fails for me. Got everything done that I wanted to.


  • $26.8k MRR – we gained a couple and lost a couple, but added more revenue through the software. We’re still dealing with the fallout from when our software was experiencing major issues.
  • Luckily, we’re getting things under control on the software side of things as well as working on setting proper expectations upfront with our done-for-you customers.
  • Unfortunately, some things are outside of our control. We have a third party data partner we rely on heavily that has been having some major issues. We have reached out about trying to partner or purchase the technology ourselves so that we can have more control over it since we rely on it so heavily. This is causing a lot of issues with emails failing right now.
  • Finished the Welcome Packet which we discussed in our last episode. Really excited to have gotten this finished so we can roll it out to new customers. Planning to send this to recent signups as well.
  • Met Micah for lunch along with Michael since he’s local. Had a good discussion and just introduced him and got to know him a little bit. He’s going to be a great fit and I feel good about his potential.
    • Just announced this to customers this morning actually.
    • This hire puts us in the red by about his salary. So taking a bit of a gamble here, but just felt this role is too critical for us not to have.
  • Because we have him in place now, we’re going to be rolling out a new process for our done-for-you customers where we provide some reporting on a weekly basis.
    • We started going over that process internally with the stakeholders, how to compile, etc, but this will help our customers to know we’re working for them and they can see results based on the campaign and leads we are targeting.
    • This way if results aren’t there, they can see it’s the campaign and not that we aren’t doing anything. Up until now, they had no way of knowing so I think this is going to be another major factor in our retention.


  • Start putting together some marketing plans with Michael now that he’s going to be transitioning to this role. We have a lot of experience with digital marketing in particular, and we have a ton of notes saved up.
  • Make sure Micah is able to finish reporting template and get this rolled out for customers
  • Work through software and start re-organizing some of our tickets setup in Github.

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