It’s once again that day of the week when we’re taking a look at the things we are currently implementing in our companies to help us improve process and scale our businesses.

Justin is scaling his sales team and that calls for the implementation of a great sales playbook. The new manual allows him to train a salesperson on how to interact with a lead with simple step-by-step instructions. Some very important points that he included within his manual and sales calls were:

  • Sales script at a call with screenshots if possible, and why it becomes a discovery  phase for both the business and the client.
  • The sales playbook geared toward seamless integration of the new sales person and also includes a walk through set-up communication.
  • The manual as it outlines the structure of the sales commissions

Greg gives an update on the perks of outsourcing tasks to his virtual assistants. Today, he will talk more on the process improvement details after reading a Zapier article about it. He discusses how he uses certain tools and processes to deliver better and faster product output by making sure that there aren’t any tasks behind schedule and that deadlines are met.  Some great talking points he outlined in here includes:

  • Creating a review board that shortens the production process
  • How the current process has helped them provide an update to customers regarding their account
  • The tools you can get to make ensure that everything is on schedule and everyone receives a timely update on the assigned task
  • Advantages of having apps that can be integrated for customer orders

Having a sales playbook and an effective way of handling tasks can go a long way in increasing productivity and streamlining processes.

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