Greg’s Update:


  • Put together a content map for
    • Identify key topics I want to cover (ex. system, automation, sales, productivity, hacks, videos)
  • Start planning the website (currently just a lead page)


  • MME $3488 New Biz: $2500 one time this month and $2793. In 30 days it will be $4190 when the monthly of the 3 latest customers roll in. Combined this month earnings are $8781
  • Finished the welcome kit and my new report templates for our onboarding experience
  • Identify 3 of the most needed SOP’s that aren’t done yet and finish those – that is complete
  • Published the MME Indoctrination campaign
  • Zero to Scale monthly insiders call
  • A lot of Infusionsoft support and funnels
  • A lof of internal management and planning
  • Had a great conversation that helped identify which automation tool we’ll support next as we expand beyond just Infusionsoft
    • I see a lot of opportunities here.
  • Great Strategic partner opportunity that will help bring in revenue and new customers


  • Start content map
  • Map out options for pricing plans (considering other automation apps)
    • Export my GH, contacts into that new app for testing
  • Send out two roadmaps to customers with new template
  • Put together list of contacts to reach out to for second wave of customers
  • Start building some campaigns for this new strategic partnership
  • Start wireframing website

Justin’s Update:


  • Get training material in place for new hires – FAIL. Coming this week though.
  • I did finish the sales rep guide though so that’s a win.
  • I mentioned we had a focus on fixing bugs this week with our sprints and things were moving along rather nicely. In testing things were working perfectly. Going live…a whole other story. Dominic having a hard time pinpointing where things are breaking down and why so he’s probably going to be re-writing some of the things we threw together quickly early on. Last couple days of the week were extremely rough because I had just sent out an email to everyone letting them know we went live with all these great updates and of course, it breaks and they really couldn’t use the software. The day before it couldn’t have been better had a couple paid signups, we were knocking bugs out left and right…what a rollercoaster.


  • $25.4k MRR now – with software being $1.6k. Had an old customer come back which is always nice and then sales team each closed a deal this week as well.
  • Revised sales compensation plan and added another sales team member. Decided to go against how I was doing commissions (quarterly) to a more traditional one-time payout and added a base pay. I’ll go into this in a future Thursday episode.
  • New employee onboarding – so many little things. Three new people coming on this next week and it adds up. I’ll be direct report for two of the three which is a little stressful, but hoping this will continue to help us get to the next level.
  • “Don’t get good at the small things” – James Schramko quote that really resonated with me.
  • Agile marketing approach – similar to our weekly development springs we are going to do monthly marketing sprints. We’ll be looking to work with specialists in different marketing fields.
  • Wrote out our entire sales playbook. Including screenshot walk throughs, scripts, email templates, objections/questions, etc. This was needed for this to be a true plug and play sales system.


  • Bring on three new people next week. PLUS help transition Michael into the marketing role.
  • Write an employee handbook to have for the new hires.

Zero to Scale Insiders Update:

MRR: $1147


  • Held our monthly AUA call and this time it was a hot seat format where an Insider sat in on a recorded call with us to really dive into some pain points she was having in her business. This was fun and it was received really well.
  • Fantasy football draft gets underway tonight!


  • When to opens the doors again
  • Make some decisions on AUA format going forward
  • Start putting together some ideas for promoting the group and the podcast. Not something we have actively done up to this point.

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