Many people are looking to Amazon to start their own Private Label business by sourcing and selling physical products. Scott Voelker is the man behind the Amazing Seller Podcast Series and today he is going to explain the mechanics to both Greg and Justin on the benefits of deep diving into the Amazon FBA for Private Labels.

Scott started out with an online photography business seven years ago which he built into six figures and then launched a site that taught people how to use things like Photoshop.  From there he launched his first product on Amazon. He quickly grew his customer base so that it’s already doing well even before his Oct 7th one anniversary date.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to find your right product   
  • Using the competition’s negative reviews to help define your product choice
  • Working with suppliers and manufacturers to develop your product
  • The process for getting reviews for the product you are offering
  • Keeping ahead of inventory demands
  • The tools you can use to grow and expand your Private Label
  • Time commitment and revenue projections
  • The 10x10x1 strategy

In addition to his podcast, Scott has a private label classroom on his site with over 300 students. He has a thriving Facebook community, too. If you are interested developing your own Private Label product on Amazon, Scott has a multitude of resources that address getting started and will also help you over the bumps you may encounter along the way.   

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