Justin and Greg are back for their Thursday podcast. Today they talk about the merits of examining the current company goals and evaluating them to improve the business and retain more customers by asking for feedback.

For Justin, it’s important to explore the post mortems of the past jobs, what leads a customer to leave or become dissatisfied with the product or service. He said that it can be easy to lay the blame on someone else but there should be a study made to find the root of the problem. Also, the techniques he applied to discover the Why’s and applied them to his sales team procedures in preparation for the next customer experience. He also elaborates that sometime the service that the customer requires needs commitment. How to make the customer understand this was another matter.

It’s also about setting the proper expectation upfront regarding pricing helps the customer see the complete picture by positioning the price not as an expense but as an investment. He thoroughly explained how to fix the error of not getting the customer’s buy-in from the beginning in this episode. Nowadays he always finds the time to look back and to learn from the past mistakes. How it became apparent that it’s now more important to evaluate the past actions and to look opportunities in improving the service, in order to retain a new customer.

Greg does not practice post mortem, he continually asks for feedback regarding what has not been working for the customer. He sends emails regarding updates on the changes, as the project unfolds and he still keeps asking for feedback as he goes along. Today he also talks about facing the fear of rejection by hearing what the customers have to say. The process actually drove the positive changes in his business and made his customer happier, faster. He also said at this juncture, it’s also a great time to check if the customer and the business is the right fit.

Justin also agrees that feedback will shape the program you are offering to your customers better. He explains further how an alignment of customer goals is important with your company product, how it’s going to be valuable for the long term business relationship; if you don’t meet expectations you will lose customers. He also encourages that there might be some customers that are not the right fit and why you’ll need to evaluate that it might be better to let the customer go.

Greg outlines the mistakes he made at the start, how he didn’t outline the goals, objectives, strategic approach and tactics nor did he know the difference between them. It’s important to know the goals and how to give more value to the customers, in order to become a unique product in a crowded market. He also ends with great advice on how to make the company stand out in the next level.

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