Quick Announcement:

The doors are officially open for Zero to Scale Insiders for 1 more week. Go here to join: zerotoscale.com/join

  • It’s a community of likeminded people that are trying to scale their businesses.
  • We meet daily in a private slack group and we have an ever growing forum of discussion and resources.
  • We also host a monthly AUA call/ hot seat with our members.


Greg’s Update:


  • Despite being 90%, done, I Didn’t finish the audit roadmap, however, I’ve decided to break it up into different reports vs this fully encompassing report. This is on my calendar for the rest of today as well.


  • MME $3488 New Biz: $2500 one time this month and $2793. In 30 days it will be $4190 when the monthly of the 3 latest customers roll in. Combined this month earnings are $8781
    • Segmetrics – which shows $11,318 in last 30 days
  • Finished MME indoctrination series!!!! Now just need to set it up in Infusionsoft
  • Got Lisa to 3 hours a day and boy has that been helpful.
  • Needed to figure out how to reduce back and forth
    • Created HelpScout auto replies and a series of checklists that we can quickly pull from to respond to customers requests in which we’ll need a handful of info.
  • Made a list of 24 tasks/things we can create SOP’s for and have about 5-6 SOPs done and 3 different checklists we’ll reuse, which has already helped streamline efforts.
  • Outlined my welcome kit which will be able to be sent immediately to new customers that showcase what we’ll be doing for them, what we can do, what we won’t do etc. This will highlight the different reports we’ll be sending and I think will be a good way to deliver what was going to be in the audit, but broken up over the course of the 4 week build and launch period.
  • Finished building out a cool monthly giveaway campaign for an MME client
  • Had 2 strategy sessions with System.ly customers
  • Updated our SOD
    • Company Goals
    • Strategic Approach
    • Company objectives
    • Links to all SOP’s by department (Marketing, operations, sales etc)


  • Finish the welcome kit / whatever the audit will become.
  • Identify 3 of the most needed SOP’s that aren’t done yet and finish those
  • Publish the MME Indoctrination campaign
  • Put together a content map for System.ly
    • Identify key topics I want to cover (ex. system, automation, sales, productivity, hacks, videos)
  • Start planning the website (currently just a lead page)

Justin’s Update:


  • I did not get training material in place yet this week. With start dates of new hires scheduled for the 8th of September, I didn’t feel this was too urgent so I put it off.
  • We did lose two customers, one big customer which hurt us. We did some post mortem’s on  the recent losses and came up with some interesting insights though.


  • $24.5k MRR with $1.5k coming from software.  Did have each rep close 2 deals this week so that’s a positive sign. Still ended up even with the couple of losses that we had.
  • A couple of updates on journaling and meditating. I hear people talk about meditation all the time, and I just can’t do it. What I have realized though, is a power nap does the same for me and even more than what I hear people talk about meditation doing for them. Not only does it allow me to tune things out and escape, but I also wake up completely rejuvenated after 20 minutes. Secondly, I had been doing the five minute journal every day for a couple of months, but honestly it seemed more of a chore and a stresser to remember. I didn’t get much out of it honestly as I do a pretty good job of self reflection and am always very appreciative of what I have. So maybe it was just that stlyle, I don’t know.
  • I have been working on a complete sales person manual. Has our scripts, what to do, screenshot walk through’s inside Close.io, objections, etc. I have all the scripts and steps, now just need to add screenshots and then include some more objections. Goal is for this to be a plug and play thing for new reps that come onboard.
  • I purchased leadfuse.com through HugeDomains.com which allows you to do a 12 month payment plan. The cost was $2,395 but it spreads out payments up to 12 months. They keep a lock on the domain so you don’t own it outright until you pay the full amount, but you can update nameservers and what not just like you own it. Since there’s no added fees or interest it made sense to spread out the payment.
  • The domain realization came from the networkingphoenix.com event where people were saying “So tell me about LeadFuzz”. I immediately bought leadfuzz.com to forward, and figured I should probably own leadfuse.com as well and just have that forward.
  • This prevents competitors from trying to pick up business from misspellings of our name and can ensure potential customers that they get to the right place regardless of how they try spelling it.
  • One of our data providers shut down this week which made it a mad scramble to get things figured out. Was up late mapping it out then had to wake up at 3am for my CTO (who lives in EST) to make sure it was clear and we could work through any issues.
  • Lots of technical support tickets right now that I’m managing. Good news is, this won’t be for long…
  • That’s because we have officially hired our junior developer. This will now become her responsibility. She is based out of Chicago and finishing up school. I had Dominic interview her and watch her screen as he gave her a test project. He felt her logic was really solid. Needs work on Node syntax and what not, but that’s to be expected when hiring a junior dev. She is starting out the first month on a part-time basis and I’m actually going to have her build out some commission tracking software for my to keep better track of our sales rep commissions.
  • Had an offer out to someone I’ve known for a long time and he has accepted the role of our Customer Success Manager. This guy has been the executive director of two different chamber of commerce’s and is really going to help us take things to the next level with customer support. I’m excited to get him in so we can start being more proactive with customers.


  • Start putting training material in place for new hires
  • Finish the sales rep guide
  • We have several little bugs that we need to get fixed for the software that I’m hoping we can knock out next week. I organized our development sprint for the week to just focus on ironing out these bugs.

Zero To Scale Insiders Update


  • MRR: $1147
  • Opened the doors and added 3 more members
  • Started rounding up everyone that is going to be in the fantasy football league – one spot left at the moment


  • The doors are still open!
  • Planning hot seat session for the next call
  • Continue populating forum with resources
  • Officially launch and set draft date for fantasy football league

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