Greg’s Update


  • Didn’t really create any new content for MME
  • Didn’t pull the trigger on hiring someone but will do so when i’m back


  • MME $3488 New Biz: $2294 (7/10 – 7/23)  ($5782 combined)
  • Interviewed: 7
  • Sales Calls: 8
  • 2: Strategy launch calls for new service
  • 2 MME strategy sessions with existing clients
  • Finished some onboarding SOP’s for new biz (VA did it)
  • Want to do something about the new biz website
    • Need to define a plan there.
  • We launched our premium membership which as of the recording of this just closed doors to our early charter members.
  • New Biz Tasks
    • Built out an Expiring CC campaign for one customer
    • Created a referral partner center for a new customer
  • Had some really good training calls with my assistant who is getting better at MME implementation and even learning Infusionsoft.
  • Had a really good partner call opportunity for MME (that has been in the works) which could get us into a bunch of retailers. I’ll see how that plays out.


  • Vacation
  • Re-energize with family.
  • get some beach workouts in
  • For work: just plan out my next steps from a bit of bigger picture as well as tactical things we need to implement.
    • Marinate on whom I want to hire ( i have 2-3 really good candidates)


  1. There is a lot of power in a paid community which we’ll be talking about in the future episodes
    1. More engagement, more honesty and transparency and the feedback we’re getting in the group has been awesome
  2. Taking Bryan Harris’ advice on just hustling for those first few customers and not worrying about things like the website, etc. has proven to help me get 6 customers in 13 days and 52% of the MME revenue

Justin’s Update:


  • Put in long hours as we are nearing launch. I said I was shooting for 30 hours, but it was closer to 50.
    • Most of which spent on new website and software testing


  • 23k MRR
    • Added two customers, but did lose one.
    • I spoke last week of losing some customers. I got Michael and Rachel together and we started to evaluate things. So now I have Rachel (who forwards all of our leads to our customers) go through and count leads that get sent on a weekly and monthly basis. This way Michael and I can quickly see which campaigns need improvement and we can jump on it right away.
  • In addition this helps start to seed the customer success role. I think having the customer success person have more discussions with the customer, help them take their own sales conversations to the next level, etc will help.
      • It is going to be tough finding a customer success person who can grasp a full sales system though so this will be a tricky hire I feel. I definitely still need to map out the training.
      • The good news is though, a lot of people I have talked with don’t actually have a real sales system in place anyway so it isn’t like the new hire would have to go and start teaching Fortune 500 sales teams or anything.
  • 7 sales calls
  • Nearly completed the new website! Really stoked at the progress here. I’ll be putting the finishing touches on this today.
  • Launched the Zero to Scale “membership”. It is a lot of fun getting to know some of our listeners on a deeper level and understanding what everyone is working towards. Cool reminder that we’re all on this journey together.
  • Ironing out final kinks with the new software, but we have been using it for clients and are going to be transitioning a lot of our clients to this new process so we can do better targeting. We’re expecting a 2x to 3x increase in leads generated so should be awesome.
  • We signed up for Intercom. I had our whole team sit in on a full demo webinar and wow. I have to say – it’s one of the most impressive pieces of software I have ever seen or used. It will basically allow us to handle support (both in app and on the front end website), see how users are using the software…we can send them notices for example when new features roll-out. Create automated messages for people when they first sign-up to maybe check out the demo…or whenever they add their first prospects we can ask for feedback.


  • Get the tool launched publicly! Big moment for sure as it really will be a game changer for us.
  • I have three days blocked off next week (normally just mondays and fridays, but also blocked off Tuesday for the launch).
  • Have a TON of marketing tactics listed to do once we go live. I look forward to diving into some of the tactics and launch strategies I’m working on in a future episode.
  • Doing a staycation this weekend with the wife and kids. Also bringing along my cousin who is my son’s age so they can play around at the resort.


  • Calm before the storm. The staycation should come at a great time as things are going to reach a whole new level once we launch the software.

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