Bryan Harris of Videofruit is our guest today. Bryan got his start as an online entrepreneur by using videos to promote apps.  That developed into the addition of a blog.  He uses reverse engineering of what the top online marketers are doing to develop extensive case studies for his readers.  Also, Brian has also recently launched a course on how to build an email list from zero to 10,000 subscribers which was a hugely successful product launch.

Bryan starts by explaining how he attracted new customers.  He began by identifying people in his own network and built relationships. He then showed them what he could do rather than just tell them.  In Bryan’s case that involved finding the most popular blog posts and rewriting them and using short videos with the material.

He talks about some of the points he used to develop the email list course:

  • Used Google analytics, his blog traffic and blog opt-ins to find what people were interested in and found email list building at the top
  • Wrote out a document of the product hypothesis explaining what it would do
  • Sent emails to people on his blog who had expressed interested in the product and asked them to read the document and complete a survey about it
  • Answered the emails and responded to suggestion, questions and comments
  • For those that expressed interest, a link for pre-order was sent
  • Sent follow up emails

These tools along with a few others he discusses allowed him to validate that people actually wanted the product before he built it.  He talks about the importance of moving fast by getting people to pay for the product.  He discuss in detail using the first product to get additional products sold fast.  He believes in using the approach of problem, agitate, solve to show clients what his product will do for them.

Check out Listgoal to help you focus on growing your email.  It is your Personal Email List Coach that will help you track your email list building progress.

We are launching a paid community for Zero to Scale and will be putting some of Bryan’s lessons into practice.

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