Today we are discussing validating your idea, the ways to do that and our experiences thus far.

We have both had failed attempts due, in part, to not validating all the things that impact our revenue.  It’s very important to share your idea to get feedback and listen to what is and isn’t being revealed.

Ultimately, validation is getting the hard yes; it’s having paying customers.  Do your research and have your own angle on your product or service.  We discuss a number of ways to get validation.

  • Amazon reviews to tell you what people are looking for
  • Check crowdfunding source sites to tell you they types of things people are willing to fund
  • Cold emails to get input from the people who could be your customers
  • Share your ideas with a mastermind group or community to get their input

We also talk about knowing when it’s time to put your head down and go.  It’s important to give yourself measurable goals in your validation process.  Take the right action that aligns with a measurable success metric.  Make yourself accountable to take the right actions.  In selling B2B in particular, the products or services that are successful are those that save money or make money and save time.  If you’re building that, then those are your pillars for messaging to pitch your customers on something that matters.

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