Today we are focusing our thoughts on how to achieve a better balance between work and life.  We think the number one rule is to be present in the moment.  We both have offices in our homes and that creates challenges in separating work from our home lives.

Greg says for him it’s important to do something that breaks up the two by creating a period where he can de-stress from work or gear up for work. Those things include, running and meditation.   He also looks forward to date night with his wife once a week and makes her smoothies in the morning.

Justin has started to put away his phone during meals and sets a time each day to finish up with emails for the evening.  He is looking at purging his task list on a weekly basis and bringing on sales people so he can be focused on bigger tasks.

We set a 30 day task for ourselves to implement one thing that we think will help us be in the moment and better balance work and life.  At the end of the month, we will see how beneficial these things were.  For Justin, it’s putting up the door between his home office and the rest of the house to see if the boundaries help him focus.  And for Greg, he vows to have a smoothie a day to help him focus on consistent exercise.

We invite you to join us with your own 30 day challenge to better balance work and life.  Let us know what your challenge will be on our facebook page, zerotoscale/fb.

Don’t forget to be in the moment!

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