Greg’s Thoughts:

  • Not selling talent
    • This has been a challenge for me as I go through the early stages of systemizing things.
    • I think I’ve made huge progress in this department, but my experience is a big selling point for people.
  • Every interaction should be routine
    • Not there yet, especially on sales calls, either inbound or outbound
      • getting better every day, but not there yet.

Justin’s Thoughts:

  • Assign tasks that I am working on to other people. It doesn’t have to be an entire role, but bring people in to do certain things. Share how I brought on Michael to help with customer fulfillment and marketing. Then use a VA to do more of the routine list filtering type tasks and then another VA to manage the inbox and live chat. Sales people are next.
  • I built my agency up by sacrificing short term payouts to me in order to bring in help. This allowed me to focus on bigger picture items with the idea that in the long run I’ll be able to pay myself more while having a happier time doing it since I won’t be so involved in the day to day.
  • Systematize everything. Have standard operating procedures for everything you do.
    • I use a Jing video to record myself. I then have my VA actually go and transcribe those videos and put them into a knowledge base.

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