Greg Update

MRR: $4,146

One-Time: $550


  • FAILED: design pricing page / find someone to set it up
    • I’m refining that based on mastermind discussions
  • FAILED 20-50 new prospects
    • 15 new
    • I have prospecting time on my calendar for 2 hours today


  • Had a blast with my mom and drank too much wine.
    • did a wine tour of the urban winery where sarah and I had our wedding reception which brought back some memories
  • We got grass in our backyard which looks epic
  • 4 sales calls (1 later today)
  • 1 new customer on build and launch plan (which isn’t an MRR thing)
  • My first customer switched plans and is now paying quarterly which is nice cash flow for right now
  • Landed a speaking gig in New Orleans in September in front of hundreds of retailers in the home goods and furniture categories
    • after my preso I get 2 hours to hold back to back 20 min consults
      • I plan to have an actual offering which i will mention from stage and in my consults.  Most likely the playbook but need to think through that.
  • 3 proposals in review – Pretty confident on 2 of them going through which will increase the MRR
  • 1 nurtured customer is getting close to paying (his needs changed slightly so sorting that out)
  • Those campaigns from sixth division have been finally getting imported into my infusionsoft app so plans for next week involve getting those all dialed in.
  • Studied for about 2 hours for my IS exam in a week or so
  • Interview someone to potentially help with project management (someone from our community)
  • The update about the Mobile Friendly podcast is getting close to a point where I can share what’s going on but I’m going to hold off one more week.


  • Put together a list of 20-50 prospects for an email campaign using Sendbloom on Monday
    • Write the emails (i’m thinking a 5-8 series)
  • Get two of the campaigns from sixth division setup
    • Sequence for consult to close
    • Sequence for the 1 on 1 service delivery which is the playbook
  • Finishing building out two customers campaigns
  • study more.
  • 1 sales call planned for next week – would like to get 3 or so more
  • Put up a page on the site that lists out our services a bit better with opt-in methods to learn more.
  • email my list to gauge interest on this virtual membership training offering that would be helpful and scalable.

Biggest Takeaway:

  1. Relax and get scrappy a bit.
  2. My content creation is a key part of my selling since there is a lot of education involved so stepping up my content creation game is going to be key to driving inbound leads vs just my outbound

Justin Update


  • No fails for me this week!


  • WIN – $12,630/mo in MRR. Still honored our old pricing for people that had appointments booked with me beforehand.
  • WIN – Had exactly 10 sales calls this week.
  • WIN – Had a couple of developers express interest in working together, however they ended up not following up. I intentionally didn’t follow up with them to see what would happen. I sort of used this as a gauge to see how excited / committed they were to the idea. That said, I did settle on moving forward with Toptal so I feel there is some clarity there.
  • WIN – I brought on a new VA to help with lead forwarding, setting up new customers, and handling our live chat. This has freed up my time tremendously as all leads were originally being forwarded to me. She works our hours and in fact, I plan on having my other VA move to our hours as the relationship just works so much better. The new VA has been catching on quickly so this has been a huge plus.
  • WIN – I have some key automations in place within ActiveCampaign. For example, I have a sales stage setup for following up after my initial call with them. This will trigger an email from me after 10 minutes that recaps how the program works. This is so they can forward to others if they need buy-in. Then, after 3 days it checks to see if they are a customer and if not, will send them a follow-up along with a testimonial. Then 5 days after that it will send them another follow-up asking what was holding them back.
  • WIN – I raised prices. It got people who I had calls scheduled this week to convert knowing that they were getting a great deal now that they had something to compare it too. Wish there were ways to do this all the time because it was stunning how many conversions this brought us the past couple of weeks.
  • WIN – Super excited about our new tool that we are working on. It is going to be a separate SaaS product that helps people with their own prospecting. This will have huge appeal to most people interested in LeadFuze that never signed up. I can’t go into too many details just yet, but excited to share things as that gets closer.


  • I want to have 10 more sales calls next week. I don’t think this one is going to happen though as this week we really shut things down on the outbound efforts using our tool. We were playing catch up with all the new customers.
  • I want to get Active Campaign going with more automations in place for the people that are in a long term nurture stage.
  • I plan on putting up a landing page for our new tool to start collecting some early interest. I have already talked to 8 to 10 people about it that I felt would be good fits, and they all want to be in on it so that’s been encouraging.


  • It feels amazing to not have to be glued to my inbox looking for leads that come in for clients. To have all this handled by someone else know has really freed up my time to focus on bigger things. So the takeaway for me is to try and replace more of what I am doing piece by piece. I know this will be the topic of next week’s episode as well.

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