Today we have a special guest. Brittany Fuller is the newest hire at LeadFuze as the new Customer Success Manager. Brittany came across the job posting on the BaseCamp job board for remote work. She wasn’t necessarily looking for something full time, but it piqued her interest and she filled out the application. She was surprised and excited to hear back so quickly.

Justin was impressed with her background and experience in a customer success role. She moved on to the next stage of the process and made it to a the screening call. Then a week later they did an hour long interview. Her impression of the hiring process was that it was extremely organized and well thought out. It was nice that Justin laid out the process and she was able to manage her expectations before getting started. The process seemed relatively short in terms of traditional hires.

Topics discussed include:

  • This was Brittany’s first time working on a remote team
  • Justin blocked out time to work one on one with her to help her hit the ground running
  • Justin took a broad focus at the beginning and Brittany appreciated that
  • This was such a critical role, Justin wanted to make sure Brittany was trained in all aspects
  • Justin gave a chronological history and background of LeadFuze which really helped her to understand what was going on and she is starting to collaborate with the team
  • LeadFuze is a validation of an evolution of a startup, not a build it and they will come product
  • In an early stage startup the culture comes from the Founder
  • Justin recently put together the core values and the mission statement for LeadFuze as what he values and where he wants the product to go
  • Justin is planning on giving his employees Kindles and book stipends as a benefit and way to grow and learn
  • Brittany had some experience with the software, but she wanted to spend time with the product so she would know the ins and outs
  • The process has been creative and they are putting in some pretty cool processes
  • The ultimate goal is for Brittany to be a user of the software and be well educated on outbound sequences and the use of the product
  • Brittany is excited about growing the business
  • As a CEO, Justin could invest a little more in the online chat agents and create some processes and measures for success
  • Justin is open for constructive criticism and totally supportive and Brittany is always thinking about the company and ways to improve it in an honest and open way

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