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Month April 2016

Episode 110: Learnings On Getting to 1MM Annual Run Rate with Dave Nevogt of Hubstaff

Today we talk with Dave Nevogt of Hubstaff.  Hubstaff has gotten to a 1 million annual run rate this year. Hubstaff is great, because we get emails every morning about how many hours our VAs put in. We can also… Continue Reading →

Episode 109: Firing Clients and Considering a Loan

Greg’s Update: Fails: I did not Finalize the outline for our master followup sequence and start writing at least 1-2 of those emails Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $20,342 2 sales calls 1-3rd round sales call Waiting… Continue Reading →

Episode 108: Are You Executing in the Wrong Season of Your Business

Today we are talking about the seasons of business. Greg and a friend went out for drinks the other day and they were discussing their businesses. Greg’s friend had a business coach who told him to look at his business… Continue Reading →

Episode 107: Gaining Momentum and Hiring Again

Greg’s Update: Fails: 1 more blog post Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – MRR: $21,342 Closed 2 new clients Had 5 sales calls one of which was with a big time online personality and excited at the opportunity to… Continue Reading →

Episode 106: All About Customer Onboarding

Today we are talking about customer onboarding. Onboarding for new hires and team members is a topic that we’ll discuss another time. From a SaaS product standpoint, the goal is to convert free trials to paid. Therefore that onboarding goal… Continue Reading →

Episode 105: MicroConf Recap, A-Ha’s and Oh-F*cks

Greg’s Update: Fails: Posting a job posting for Account Coordinator position Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – EMRR: $18,344 April Revenue:   I got another blog post written 3 strategy call with a client 2 sales call I narrowed… Continue Reading →

Episode 104: How We Have Our Teams Structured, The Good and The Bad

Today we are going to talk about how our teams are constructed, and how we got to this point. When entrepreneurs first start out, there is some hesitation when it comes to hiring and creating a team. It’s not possible… Continue Reading →

Episode 103: Launching a Side Business and Interviewing Like a Mo’Fo

Greg’s Update: Fails: Start a job posting for Account Coordinator position Results: System.ly Month to Date Revenue – Mar One Time: $3000 $1000 was a partial payment for my speaking fee in September in Michigan EMRR: $18,344 March Revenue: $21,344… Continue Reading →

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