Today we are talking about customer onboarding. Onboarding for new hires and team members is a topic that we’ll discuss another time. From a SaaS product standpoint, the goal is to convert free trials to paid. Therefore that onboarding goal will be to get the customer to try the product and have success and see the value in it.

For Justin’s LeadFuze product, having great onboarding to increase the percentage of free trial to paid customers could double business without any new marketing. The team is trying to streamline the options for customers, and find the best way to get the opt-in data. A simple one item at a time user experience that also feels like making progress is an option.

Other options are watching someone fill in an opt-in form and see how the user experience goes and how effective it is. Justin is concerned with shoring up the prospecting side of his forms, and helping users to get more relevant results.

The goal of a service is to get the customer from free to paid as soon as possible. With a productized service there is a lot of information that has to be exchanged during onboarding. Greg uses video and other resources to make this process as easy and fast as possible.

Tools used in onboarding range from kick off calls, audits, videos, checklists, and tagging structure. Reducing confusion and avoiding help desk calls is the goal of having an effective onboarding process. These processes are always being tweaked and improved on. The onboarding process is constantly evolving, and it is interesting to see what the customers think and how effective it is.


  • Watch users signup
  • Keep signing up for your own products (you and the team)
  • Listen for the same questions and address them in your onboarding
  • Use a mix of videos and pdf resources to educate and set expectations
  • Reduce anything that could create anxiety

If anyone has any suggestions for LeadFuze’s onboarding, Justin would love to hear from you. You can get in touch in the facebook group.

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