Today we are talking about the seasons of business. Greg and a friend went out for drinks the other day and they were discussing their businesses. Greg’s friend had a business coach who told him to look at his business like there are business seasons.

Entrepreneurs have a vision of what their business will look like in the future, but they can’t conduct a business like it is in season 10 when the business is still in season 2 or else they will skip all of the foundational steps.

What are all of the little things that have to unfold as a business progresses? Both of us are transitioning from season 1 to season 2 of our businesses. We want to make sure that we aren’t jumping the gun and working ahead of where we should be.

Thinking of a business as a show, we may have a loose vision of what we want the business to be, but we can’t do those things until we take the first steps. Having a goal of 20k a month may remain the same, but the seasons may need to be rewritten to get there.

Topics discussed:

  • Paid ads may not be a good idea for customer acquisition and growth right out of the gate
  • Paid ads can be used for finding out what customers need and research
  • Know what your goal is, if it traffic what are you going to do with that traffic
  • There is an appeal to being the go to InfusionSoft help desk, how to continue to add value without being InfusionSoft go to help desk
  • Slowly evolving the team according to the season of the business
  • Find little steps to take each episode to get business close to goals and vision
  • Keep evaluating and improving the process

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